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When you have two identical photos, two videos, or two identical files on your phone, it fills up unnecessary space.

It will fill up the space of the mobile unnecessarily, which will not be of any benefit to us, but the problem will be more, and this website article is a great solution for this matter.

Generally the storage available to us in mobile is very important and we have a responsibility to ensure that it is not full.

Maybe if the storage is full then the performance of the mobile will slow down, so we always need to delete the unnecessary files from the mobile, that’s what this article is designed for.

Why is this happening?

For example, we share photos and videos with friends on many social media applications.

At such moments when we see the same photos frequently, the same photo is unnecessarily in many places in our mobile, and it is very difficult for us to find and delete it.

The reason is that in today’s time, we normally store 1000, 2000 photos in mobile.

It is very difficult for us to find and delete similar photos, similar videos, similar PDFs among them.

But the play store cleaner application that you wanted to see in this article has the power to remove all duplicate files very easily.

In addition, we have collected and combined some of the related photos and comments made by the creator in order to compile them all together.

You should consider that these are taken from Play Store, because the creator’s opinion is final and it is not best for us to change it.

Note: You have listened to our feedback for so long, please also listen to the feedback given by the developer of this application below and download this app to get the benefits.

play store details

18App Size17MB
RoleFiles Cleaner
Nowadays Installs1,000,000+
Offered Bykaeros corps
Official Websitehttps://kaeroscorps.com/
Contact[email protected]
Application Policyhttps://kaeroscorps.com/privacy-policy/index.html
Address412-B, Uech Arcia Building, Suite #2066, South City Part 2, Sector 49, Gurgaon 122018 Haryana, INDIA

Increase your device “Internal Storage” in Just 2 Steps!

Are you facing storage issue on your device ?, is your device low on storage ? do you want to increase storage on your device ?, if “yes” then look no further & hit that “install” button.

Find & Clean “Genuine” Duplicate Images, Duplicate Audio files, Duplicate Videos & Duplicate Documents in Simplest Way!

Our Duplicates Cleaner App Uses Several “Proprietary Techniques” to Find ‘Genuine Duplicates’ in Most Efficient Way Than any other duplicate media remover app (or) duplicate file finder app in store.

No other duplicate cleaner app (or) duplicate files fixer app can beat us in file deletion performance, our app is great for recovering loads of storage space very effectively & efficiently!

Note: Please read the slides presented in app after installing for the first time.

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Duplicates Files Cleaner TN Shorts
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Duplicates Files Cleaner app TN Shorts
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Duplicates Files Cleaner play store TN Shorts
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best Duplicates Files Cleaner TN Shorts
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android Duplicates Files Cleaner TN Shorts
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How does it work?

Once this application is installed it will ask permission on your phone and only then it will have the power to delete all the unnecessary duplicates on your phone.

In that case it will start working for you once you install and get permission.

How to download?

You can download this application directly from the official website Play Store and that is the best option.

Only when you download from there will you get updates from time to time and you will get security.

That’s what we suggest in all the article and also this article also provide that opportunity, you will get that opportunity in this article keep on traveling.

Duplicates Files Cleaner
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My opinion

Storage is an important thing in mobile, we store everything from photos we take to places we go to, documents related to our office, information we share with our friends.

When we unnecessarily store a video, photo or any other information twice, it sleeps on our phone like unnecessary junk.

It is very difficult to find it and you will have to spend hours on it, but the advantage is that you can delete everything in a second with the Duplicates Files Cleaner application that you have seen in this website article.

So clean your phone now, help your friends clean their phone too, take this article to them.

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