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Do other people try to pick up your phone while you are away from it?

That is, when you leave your phone while taking a bath or sleeping, others will pick it up and try to open it!

This is a dangerous thing if this happens, because mobile protects many secrets of an individual and you are going to find the best solution from this matter.

That means you can turn the entire front of your phone black, making your phone completely black.

After doing this, if you go to sleep or take a bath, the mobile display will be black and you will not be able to do anything else on the phone.

This is a great thing, other people can’t easily unlock your phone, the display doesn’t work, it works only when you think, so much information is protected in many moments.

To do this we have included a great Play Store Privacy Screen Third application in this website article, this application is only 3 MB, so it will not overload your mobile but will do the job with great power.

Note: We have collected some information about this application from play store and given below, by checking that also you will get more explanation.

After seeing all you can go to play store to download this application, the option is given below.

play store details

18App Size3MB
RoleHide Screen
Nowadays Installs100,000+
Offered ByBlackcurrant Studioz
Official WebsiteVisit
Contact[email protected]
Application PolicyApp Privacy

Double Tap Screen On and Off Screen Guard privacy screen Third Eye

Hide Screen is a simple and easy tool that

  1. Hide Screen (Lock Screen)
  2. Save battery
  3. Double Tap

when you need a “Hide Screen” or “Screen guard”: such as playing games in autoplay mode or keeping the screen ON for downloads.

  • Help you keeping screen ON without brightness
  • Hide screen when play video or play game.

Hide Screen from Other is an application help you double tap to Screen On/Screen Off


  • Double tap to Screen On
  • Double tap to Screen Off only works on Home Screen and Lock Screen

Hide your screen from prying eyes with Screen Guard. Screen Guard protects your privacy by applying a screen filter that makes it harder to read your screen, great for when you’re reading e-mail, writing an SMS or using the browser.

In addition to being a privacy screen conserve your battery.

More Features:

  • Cover your screen with a black color overlay to protect your privacy
  • Optimized for maximum performance and battery life
Touch My PhoneCombination Safe
Back Camera HiddenBlack Screen
Double Tap Screen On and Off Screen Guard privacy screen Third Eye TN Shorts
Image Source: Play Store
Double Tap Screen On and Off Screen TN Shorts
Image Source: Play Store
Double Tap Screen On and Off Screen Guard privacy screen Third Eye 2022 TN Shorts
Image Source: Play Store

How does it work?

For this application to work you need to install it first, then give some permissions and install it properly.

Then a small eye icon will always appear on your phone’s home screen, and you can touch it whenever you need.

By doing so the mobile will turn completely black and then no one can unlock it, only you know the trick to unlock it.

That is, the mobile will automatically unlock when you continuously tap three or four times on the display.

How to download it?

Read the information given in the article carefully before downloading the application.

Then directly go to Google’s official website play store and download it, given the opportunity.

Double Tap Screen On and Off Screen Guard privacy screen Third Eye
Ok Button AppCamera Intruder
Volume NumberMicrophone Blocker

My opinion

Even if we look after the mobile carefully, there are some moments when we have to leave the mobile alone and go.

In such cases Privacy Screen Third applications like this will help a lot and we have given you this application because we think it will help you a lot.

Please remember that we have written this article with your safety in mind, and best of luck in the future.

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