Touch Clock, Time Locker, Hide Pictures, Files & App lock

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Don’t miss out if you can get a lot of help with apps that look like normal clocks!

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For example, the whole mobile is a personal security, everyone has the intention not to show others what we are doing on the mobile.

That way, I don’t give the phone to anyone, and even if I do, I don’t want to share some of the photos, apps, etc. on the phone with anyone.

But, it is the nature of a normal human being to think of seeing what is hidden.

Therefore, if we know that we are hiding something, our relations will be more eager to see it, and thus we need a help to hide what we are hiding so that it is not known, and that is what helps.

What is its capacity?

For example, we are going to recommend installing a clock application on your phone that can display the time.

But it looks like an ordinary watch, but when you move the watch hand to a certain place, it will automatically open a secret compartment at the back, where you can hide all the things you need from other people’s eyes, so that no one can find out what you are hiding. This application is used for this.

Why is this necessary?

Sometimes photos, videos, and office related documents need to be kept confidential enough to not be shared with others.

Such things cannot be deleted from the mobile for fear of others, because it gives us delicious experience from time to time, it helps us to hide it if we want to record it on the mobile.

Its specialty is that it protects your documents as a shield that is completely invisible to anyone.

How does it work?

Once you install this application it will look like a clock on your phone, showing the daily time and minute etc. You can customize the clock even with beautiful colors.

But, matching the small and big sprouts in the right place will open the secret room and you will have a chance to match the secret place.

With this password you can hide all your secret photos, videos, documents.

How to install it?

All the applications we recommend are to go directly to the play store and install them.

However, we have compiled it into two articles, one of which contains related information, photos, and creator’s comments.

However we would also like to discuss this with you on the other hand, it is important to note that you can choose any of them and you will have the opportunity to do so on our website, which of the two will take you to the play store.

Touch Clock, Time Locker, Hide Pictures, Files & App lock
Home Time LockClock Vault
Clock Photo LockerCurrent Time

my word

Man saving secrets on mobile is an inevitable thing in this era, but it needs more attention to protect it.

We should not lose all our important secrets out of fear and fear for others, so we decided to give you a great help in this matter.

So after doing more research and taking more time we thought of recommending a classic and good application from play store and hence this website article was created.

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