Best Nokia Lock Screen: Android Lock and Unlock

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Even though there are many types of lock mechanisms (Nokia Lock Screen) in the current mobile, we cannot forget the old experience. This means that the lock mechanism on older Nokia model keyboard phones will be completely different now.

That means (old lock screen nokia for android) they are making many efforts to bring it to the currently used android mobile. For this they go to the biggest websites like google and search for nokia lock screen wallpapers.

So what is stuck on the home page of the mobile is just the nokia lock screen wallpaper photo, can you use the real old nokia screen lock instead of putting it on the home page? That means lock screen nokia for android.

Why lock screen Nokia for android?

It’s usually a matter of combining the old with the new. Nowadays many new android mobiles are coming which have more features and it is according to human needs.

But in old Nokia mobile we can only talk with other people and not any more features are available in it. However, its longevity and first experience with it is very good.

Therefore, this lock screen nokia for android is an attempt to combine the old and the current innovation. This is a great play store home screen old nokia lock application available, the information related to that application is given here, read it clearly, read it, download it and use it.

This is for you: These old nokia screen lock applications are published on play store after following the best policy. So if you are a believer of play store then follow this section if you want I don’t have time to read this article completely I will download directly.

Full Details Of Nokia Lock screen App

App Size3MB
RoleLock Screen
Nowadays Installs5,000+
Released onOct 24, 2022
Offered ByVăn Ưởng
Official Website
Contact[email protected]
Application Policy
AddressĐại Hưng, Khoái Châu, Hưng Yên , Việt Nam

With Nokia Lock screen you can easily bring the classic Nokia lock style to your device. Nokia Lockscreen is suitable for those who want to experience the past again, as well as simple users

Nokia Lockscreen when installed with Nokia Launcher gives your device a completely classic Nokia style


  • Lock: Allow setting a password to lock your screen saver if you want
  • Flashlight: Press and hold the number 0 key to turn on the flashlight
  • Read time: Press and hold the number key * to read the current time
  • Music app: Music control
  • Notifications: Show notifications on the lock screen
  • Multimedia player: Control multimedia from the lock screen
  • Personalization: You can change the wallpaper according to your personalized photo


  1. The app uses the Accessibility Services API to display a floating popup to enable multitasking to show the lock screen.
  2. The application needs you to enable Help to display the Nokia Lockscreen.
  3. No data is collected or shared using the Accessibility Services API.

Nokia to Android App Collection

Nokia Lock Screen

How does old nokia screen lock app work?

Note that this is a lock screen application, once you lock your phone, it will mirror the home screen of an old Nokia phone.

How to download home screen old nokia lock?

To use this lock screen nokia for android application on your mobile first you need to install it, for that you can go to its home page play store and download it, the way to go there is in our website article and use it.

Nokia Lock Screen App for Android
Smart Launcher 6Old Rotary Phone
Green Candy KeyboardMetal Black Color

Let’s talk about nokia 3310 lock screen for android!

We lock the phone securely with many methods and it is mandatory. Because we save our knowledge in mobile.

But it is better if we do it in old nokia keypad lock method, we recommend this old nokia screen lock application in this website article, you also recommend this article to your friends, let them also get the old experience in new mobile.

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