Old Model Nokia Launcher

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This website article is an attempt to get the Nokia mobile used in that era into your current Android phone.

The old Nokia mobile phones that provided great experiences can be brought to the current Android smartphone and you can get that touch keyboard experience all over your mobile.

We have selected and presented you with one such unique Old Model Nokia Launcher application from Google Play Store.

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Details collected by Play Store

App Size22MB
RoleNokia Launcher
Nowadays Installs10,000+
Offered ByUniTiki
Official WebsiteNA
Contact[email protected]
Application Policyhttp://

Old Model Nokia Launcher style in your phone with Nokia 3310 Launcher: The user interface of the old Nokia 3310. The great launcher brings the unforgettable Nokia look to your smartphone with a T9 keypad and Nokia-style Home Screen.

Nokia Launcher features:

Nokia 3310 Theme: bring Nokia Launcher home screen style back to your smartphone, a launcher app with the Nokia style of the past, which almost everyone has experienced before.

  • Long press End Call to switch your Default launcher.
  • T9 Nokia 3310 keypad in your Home Screen: Nokia style keyboard – direct dialing with T9 keypad, save number Nokia style.
  • Nokia Home Screen style: re-feel the user interface of the old Nokia.
  • Hotkey navigation: Top = Flashlight, Right = Camera, Bottom = Contacts, Left = Message.
  • Nokia Launcher 2022: Setting screen with many options such as wallpaper, phone name, and Nokia theme for android.

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Old Model Nokia Launcher TnShorts TN Shorts
Image By Play Store
TnShorts TN Shorts
Image By Play Store
Old Model Nokia Launcher Android TN Shorts
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App For Old Model Nokia Launcher TN Shorts
Image By Play Store
Old Model Nokia Launcher App TN Shorts
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Old Model Nokia Launcher TN Shorts
Image By Play Store

How does Old Model Nokia Launcher App work?

Old Model Nokia Launcher

This application will change the main feature of your phone i.e., take you from your android phone to an old Nokia mobile experience.

It is noteworthy that the complete Nokia mobile will be reflected, which includes a wide variety of colors.

How to download it?

Not only this application but also all the applications recommended by our website article and website, registration only recommends direct download from the play store. In the same way, you need to do the same for this application and the way is given below.

Old Model Nokia Launcher
Old Nokia LauncherKeypad Nokia Launcher
Metal Black ColorNeo Amazing Launcher

Let’s talk about Old Model Nokia Launcher!

We are proud to present you this Nokia Launcher application that reflects the fact that applications like these can bring our ancient experience and some things that we can’t use in our present day.

And we are more interested in the fact that the application is found through the Google Play Store. It is important to note that the reason is that the Play Store reflects the trustworthiness of web users and reflects Android applications.

So, make use of this experience, share it with your friends and stay connected with us for future such great articles.

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