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Once upon a time, the Nokia mobile was the most popular of all mobile phones, and Nokia produced a variety of affordable models, all of which were used as keypad mobiles.

The Nokia mobile, which has a place in everyone’s mind since it can bear all the burdens in any case and does not break wherever it falls, has been receiving everyone’s support till today.

Despite Android’s dominance in the current usage, the passion for Nokia mobiles has not waned, and even those who prefer a simple phone for their home use prefer Nokia.

Everyone misses that old Nokia thing, in this website article we are going to look at a great Nokia Launcher application that can bring the Nokia mobile experience without missing it.

We’ve collected all the information below from the Play Store, including the creator’s comments and collected photos, to bring your old Nokia experience to your Android experience.

Note: As this application is taken from play store, feel free to read the information, download and use it, it will be the best.

Play Store Details

App Size24MB
RoleNokia Launcher
Nowadays Installs100,000+
Offered ByParagon Studio
Official Website
Contact[email protected]
Application Policyhttp://

Nokia style in your phone with Nokia Launcher – The user interface of old Nokia. The great launcher brings the unforgettable Nokia look to your smartphone with a T9 keypad and Nokia-style Home Screen.

Nokia Launcher features:

  • Nokia Theme: bring Nokia Launcher home screen style back to your smartphone, a launcher app with the Nokia style of the past, which almost everyone has experienced before
  • Long press End Call to switch your Default launcher
  • T9 Nokia keypad in your Home Screen: Nokia style keyboard – direct dialing with T9 keypad, save number Nokia style
  • Nokia Home Screen style: re-feel the user interface of the old Nokia
  • Hotkey navigation: Top = Flashlight, Right = Camera, Bottom = Contacts, Left = Message
  • Nokia Launcher 2022: Setting screen with many options such as wallpaper, phone name, and Nokia theme for android.

Fres New Article’s

Keypad Mobile Nokia Launcher

How does Nokia Launcher App work?

After installing this app, it will work like a launcher application because it is a launcher application.

Notably, it will transform the Android experience on your phone into a Nokia mobile experience, bringing the classics to your side.

How to download it?

The option to install this Nokia Launcher application is available through Play Store, we also recommend the same, we have given only the path to it on our website, through which you can directly go to the official website Google Play Store and download it, and you will get the update directly from there.

Tnshorts Nokia Launcher TN Shorts
Play Store Images
Nokia Launcher 2022 TN Shorts
Play Store Images
Play Store Nokia Launcher TN Shorts
Play Store Images
Android Nokia Launcher TN Shorts
Play Store Images
Nokia Launcher android TN Shorts
Play Store Images
Nokia Launcher app TN Shorts
Play Store Images
Nokia Launcher TN Shorts
Play Store Images
Old Phone Nokia LauncherAlpha Hybrid Launcher 4D
Style Home QuickSide Wheel Launcher

Let’s talk!

Sometimes we are eager to experience the new but the old never leaves our mind, so this Nokia Launcher application came before us when our team took an initiative to bring the old mobile experience to your new mobile.

We have designed this with an aim to bring it to you and we have already written a similar article which we have given in between this article which you can also refer to. We also remind you that you can bookmark our website to read future great articles.

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