Best Old Phone Dialer Keypad: Old Rotary Phone

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We all use smart phones these days, but do you know what the old fashioned telephone looked like? It looks weird (Old Phone Dialer Keypad Rotary) but looks very nice.

what is rotary dialer app android

All those who are using modern mobile phones can’t forget the experience of old mobile phone, even the new kids of today have started using android smart phone after growing up, so this old telephone dialer app will give them that experience.

However, they feel that there is no chance of getting that old (old rotary dial telephone app) experience, an opportunity to completely change this and bring that old experience to your mobile phone is available through the application given in this website article.

In particular, we only recommend the Play Store as an application, where applications are published after following a policy, which is developed in the interest of users. So, check all the information and download.

Note: Maybe you also trust the play store and want to download an old rotary phone application directly then click this section.

Play Store App Details

App Size10MB
RoleOld Phone Desing
Nowadays Installs5,000,000+
Released onDec 13, 2016
Offered ByBrilliant App Studios
Official Website
Contact[email protected]
Application Policy

My old phone dialer keypad app is brilliant for android users. Enjoy the old rotary style and numeric keyboard with a 3D contacts list in a single phone app. With various options like metal style, classic wooden style, and blue themes dialing pads.


  • Unique and attractive retro app
  • Slick and smooth dialing rotation
  • Metallic style
  • Black style keyboard
  • Classic wooden style
  • Blue contacts style
  • 3D contacts with keypads
  • Real sound effects
  • Both the rotary option and keyboard one in the menu list

How to Use:

  • Download and install this brilliant app
  • Touch on any number and rotate clockwise
  • Continuously rotate until your finger passes the handle image
  • To speed up use the keyboard option from the menu
  • You can choose search contacts, add contact and send SMS options from the menu.
  • Open the 3D contacts list to find and search for contacts

Old Phone Style App List

Android Old Phone Dialer Keypad Rotary

How does Old Phone Dialer Keypad Rotary App work?

It completely replaces your normal dial pad with an old landline dial pad and looks so different, you’ll feel like using a telephone you used 50 or 60 years ago.

How to Install Old Dialer Keypad Rotary?

This application is very easy to install, and you can download this application which gives you a beautiful experience by visiting the play store, the option to go there is given in the website article in a beautiful format.

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Old Phone Dialer Keypad Rotary

Let’s talk about it!

This application is a guide to give the old rotary dial telephone app experience to the kids and youth of today, use it, not only that but it is a great application.

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