No Blue Tick: Hide Blue Ticks & Last Seen on WhatsApp and More

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Disclaimer: At the outset we want to inform you that this is an article about the Play Store Hide Blue Ticks application about not showing certain things in conversations through social media platforms. And we’re only recommending it because it’s taken from the Play Store.

Generally speaking, nowadays, more people communicate and exchange information through social media platforms than face-to-face or through letters. Of course, that includes text messages, photos, videos, documents, and even voice recordings.

While this is the case, if a person sends a message to someone, some options have come so that the sender can know whether he has seen the message or not. But some people also like to hide these options and chat, so some good things happen.

What are the benefits of offline chatting?

Usually if someone sends you a message, if you let them know as soon as you see the message, they will expect a response.

But in that situation, you may be at a stage where you cannot reply, i.e., you may have some important work, so you may reply to him after five minutes or ten minutes.

However, because of that delay, he may be heartbroken and may even become angry or rift in your relationship. Offline chatting does some good to avoid this.

Is there anything wrong with offline chatting?

Mainly choosing this (Hide Blue Ticks or offline chatting) should be your own decision. Because you can use any social media application for chatting, if the site allows you to do so (provided you don’t violate its policy) then it will be fine. Otherwise, it should be a decision you can make on your own initiative.

Where can I find a good Hide Blue Ticks app?

Yes, you can find Hide Blue Ticks Apps on many websites, but a good user will have a better chance of selecting it from a good website like Google Play Store.

do you understand That’s why our TnShorts website team always take applications from play store only. Yes, we have included only one of those applications in this article, and we have also given a list of some applications that have already been posted, so take a look.

Hide Blue Ticks & Last Seen on WhatsApp and More
Hide Blue Ticks & No Last Seen App

Play Store Conceal Blue Ticks and Last Seen Status App

App WorkWhatsApp
Nowadays Downloads500K+
PublishedGoogle Play
Size5MB Only

According to Hide Blue Ticks: No Last Seen Developer

The Hide Blue Checkmark or No Final Glance application serves as your clandestine ally in circumventing the omnipresent scrutiny of your activities on messaging platforms such as WhatsApp and Messenger.

Are you fatigued by the relentless sensation of being under constant surveillance while navigating these digital realms? Look no further; enter the StealthGuard (Hide Blue Ticks: No Last Seen) application—a comprehensive solution that reinstates your sovereignty over your messaging engagement and secures your personal sphere.

Concealing Azure Marks and the Ultimate Departure Record – Tailored to Your Desires: StealthGuard stands as the quintessential concealment application for blue checkmarks and last seen indicators on WhatsApp.

Now, you have the liberty to clandestinely peruse incoming messages without the sender ever being privy to your interaction. StealthGuard bestows upon you the power of invisibility in the WhatsApp domain, affording you the freedom to dictate the terms of your engagement.

The Camouflaged Online State – Ensuring Untraceable Existence: With our online status camouflage feature, you can effortlessly remain incognito within WhatsApp’s confines.

StealthGuard guarantees your imperceptibility, allowing you to explore messages incognito, without a trace of your online presence. Seize the reins of your availability and engage on your own schedule.

WhatsApp Offline Correspondence Application – Sustained Connectivity: The prospect of missing vital communiques due to erratic internet connectivity no longer looms as a concern. StealthGuard morphs into a WhatsApp offline messaging application, enabling you to draft messages offline and dispatch them once your online presence is restored. Say farewell to communication lacunas!

Undercover Conversations for WhatsApp – Sub Rosa Discourse: StealthGuard extends its tentacles, furnishing an undercover conversation option for WhatsApp. Here, your dialogues remain concealed from inquisitive eyes. Revel in confidential interchanges with your contacts, shielded from undesirable intrusions. No longer is there a need to sever your internet connection or initiate offline mode.

Incognito Conversations for Messaging Platforms – Utmost Confidentiality: StealthGuard transcends the confines of WhatsApp, presenting incognito conversation capabilities for a plethora of messaging platforms. Your interlocutions remain impervious to external scrutiny, ensuring your dialogues maintain the sanctity of confidentiality.

Concealed on Messenger – Expanding Your Sanctuary to Messenger: StealthGuard’s sphere of influence isn’t confined to WhatsApp; it stretches its mantle of privacy to encompass Messenger. This translates to a consistent cloak of confidentiality and command over your messaging journey, whether on WhatsApp or Messenger.

Abscond from Azure Checkmarks and Vanish from the Ultimate Glance: Your Gateway to Perusing Incoming Messages Incognito, Bestowing Upon You the Moniker of the Last Seen Vanisher or the Incognito Conversation Aficionado on Social Media.

The Effortless In-Application Response Paradigm: A Direct Dialogue Medium The era of constant app-hopping in response to messages is now relegated to the past. With Stealthify, you can directly engage in dialogue within the application, embracing the Auto WhatsApp Message Reply feature. This efficiency saves time and streamlines your communication process.

Automated Message Recovery: Beyond the offline message reading, you possess the ability to recover deleted messages from WhatsApp, Messenger, and other application notifications. StealthChat (The Concealed Blue Checkmarks or Absence of the Final Glance) application keeps you apprised of any deleted messages and provides the means to peruse them without tipping off your friends.

Finally, bid adieu to read receipts, checkmarks, azure double ticks, and last seen indicators. Rest assured, only one permission is necessitated.

Demo image for Hide Blue Ticks and Last Seen Status App

  • Hide Blue Ticks, No Last Seen - Protect Your Privacy
  • StealthGuard: Hide Blue Ticks | No Last Seen
  • Hide Blue Ticks & Last Seen on Messaging Apps
  • StealthGuard: Hide Blue Ticks & No Last Seen
  • Hide Blue Ticks, No Last Seen


  • Upon installing the application, you will be prompted to grant notification access, an indispensable step for seamless functionality.
  • Please be advised that old messages will not resurface post-installation; exclusively newly received messages will populate your inbox.


StealthChat: Concealed Blue Checkmarks | Absence of the Final Glance” is an autonomous entity, devoid of affiliations, sponsorships, or endorsements from other applications. The usage of brand names is purely for demonstrative purposes.

For inquiries, suggestions for enhancement, bug-related grievances, and the like, we cordially welcome your feedback through the review channel. Your input will be pivotal in our quest to refine the application in future iterations.

How to download Hide Blue Ticks App?

As for the application, you have to go directly to the Google Play Store and install it. That’s how 5 lakh people have installed and used it till date (10/26/2023). And this application has been in google play store for many years (Mar 13, 2019) so we have given you two chances to install this special application there, it is important to note that both of those chances will only take you to google play store, so let’s go down to get it.

Hide Blue Ticks, Conceal Last Seen Status

The first option is to go directly to the Google Play Store and install it immediately if you are satisfied with the information you have read in this article. Those who wish to do so should do so in these areas.

The second possibility is that the developer who created the application and submitted it to the Play Store and posted his feedback said that we have given that feedback without modification. Yes, after seeing the comments given without change if you can tell play store then click the green button below it.

Let’s talk about Hide Blue Ticks App article

As for the Hide Blue Ticks application published in this article, it has been available on Google Play Store since March 13, 2019, and has been providing proper updates every year.

And it follows the policy properly, more importantly this application is only five MBs, so it doesn’t burden the mobile, mainly it doesn’t violate play store policy yet, we have selected such a good application and enjoy it. Recommend to your friends Thank you for your visit.

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