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People who spend a lot of time on social media sites share text messages with friends, relationships, and loved ones. This article or section needs sources or references that appear in credible, third-party publications.

what are No Blue Tick, and No Last Read?

Usually, when a text message comes in and the sender knows that we’ve seen it, he expects a response, and sometimes they are likely to be upset if we do not respond because there is too much work.

Because of this, there is a lot of potential for bitterness in relationships and to avoid these people are looking for No Blue Tick No Last Read applications that can hide the message even if we see it.

Although some social media companies suggest that this is completely wrong, we can not avoid the fact that people are using it to avoid a rift in the relationship, thus bringing some benefits.

Best offline chat app

Therefore, for those of you looking for a No Blue Tick, No Last Read application like this, we wanted to choose a good application as our recommendation, which is why we have selected an offline chatting application from the official website Play Store and attached it below. It also contains all the photos related to this application and its important information, so after reading all the content clearly, we ask you to download and use it at your own discretion.

Chat Code For ASCIISafe Chat App
Chat TranslatorStyle Chat App

play store details of offline chat app

App Size17.18M
RoleNo Blue Tick No Last Read
Nowadays Installs100,000+
Offered ByAhmed Awadallha
Official WebsiteSite
Contact[email protected]
Application PolicyApp Privacy
AddressSalah Eldeen Street, Behind 74, Home 2, Flat 4, Elsiouf Shamaa, Alexandria Egypt
How To UseApp Use

Are you a person who just reads messages from notifications to avoid others knowing that you read their messages?
If you don’t want others to know that you are reading their messages, NoBlueTick is made for you!

Finally! No more read receipts, no check marks, no blue double tick or last seen!

  1. When you receive a message from a chat app, it will also be displayed in NoBlueTick. There, you can read it whenever you want, without any of your friends knowing that you have seen it.
  2. All deleted messages from WhatsApp, Messenger, Viber etc. are saved in NoBlueTick, allowing you to secretly obtain important messages.
  3. Don’t bother removing the internet connection or activating aeroplane mode anymore. NoBlueTick provides a simple yet beautiful design and makes it easy to manage your messages.
  4. NoBlueTick does not access any encrypted files. All data is securely stored on your device.

NoBlueTick also has Chat heads that will show you unread messages in a small bubble on the screen.
This is very helpful as it gives you the ability to read messages without having to stop your current tasks.
Just tap on the bubble to open the message on NoBlueTick or drag it down to the bottom of the screen to remove it.

Offline ChatChat Locker App
Hidden ChatWhatsbox Tools


  • Hide blue double tick for WhatsApp, no last seen for Facebook Messenger, no last read for Viber
  • Read chat messages invisibly and incognito, without your friends knowing
  • All your favourite chats at one place, where you can finely sort them by an app
  • Chat heads for a quick message overview
  • Enable or disable NoBlueTick for different chat apps like WhatsApp, Viber or messenger, and be invisible for selected chats only

HOW IT WORKS: Messages are encrypted on your device so NoBlueTick can’t access them directly. The only solution available is to read them from the notifications that you receive and create a message backup based on your notification history.

LIMITATIONS: Please be aware that it doesn’t exist any official and supported ways to read chat application messages. This is a workaround and may encounter limitations caused by the selected messaging app or even the Android OS:

1) Text messages are read via your notifications, therefore, if you have put a chat on silence, or if you are currently watching a message on the messaging app, you will not receive a notification so NoBlueTick can’t save it! This also obviously means that is impossible to show notifications/messages before you downloaded this app (so download it quickly!).

2) If messages aren’t being saved, it may be caused by Android killing NoBlueTick. Please remove NoBlueTick from all battery optimization services!

Other limitations may be caused by your Android version, or your system language (in particular if it is right-to-left). Please feel free to contact us and submit any problem so I can try to fix it!

WhatsApp Chat LockerCircle SideBar App
Girl Voice ChangerScreen Translate
unnamed 6 TN Shorts
unnamed 7 TN Shorts
unnamed 8 TN Shorts
unnamed 12 TN Shorts
unnamed 13 TN Shorts

How to download the application?

  1. We have designed below the opportunity to download the application and you will be able to access it in no time.
  2. Keep in mind that you may have to give some permissions while installing this No Blue Tick application on your mobile.
  3. If all things are done successfully and the application is installed on the mobile, you can definitely use that key feature available in this application.

DISCLAIMER: NoBlueTick is not affiliated with or endorsed in any way by Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp or Viber. All trademarks displayed on this application are the property of their respective owners.

No Blue Tick No Last Read

When sharing news on social media platforms, this web article will be 100% helpful to every person who sees the message that came to us and thinks that the message should not be known to others. At the same time, we have designed our website the opportunity for you to share this information with loved ones, so you can share this article with others and at the same time bookmark our website for future articles. Despite all this time patiently spent your time on our site we will definitely thank you and we always need your support.

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