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Hide Blue Ticks & Last Seen on WhatsApp and More
Hide Blue Ticks & No Last Seen App
Hide blue ticks and last seen on WhatsApp, stay invisible, read messages discreetly, and reply offline with StealthGuard. Protect your messaging privacy now.
Hide Blue Ticks, No Last Seen | Protect Your Privacy
Hide Blue Ticks, No Last Seen
Hide Blue Ticks, No Last Seen | Chat Privacy App
StealthGuard: Hide Blue Ticks & No Last Seen
Whatsapp Hide Blue Ticks & No Last Seen
Hide Blue Ticks & Last Seen on Messaging Apps
Play Store Hide Blue Ticks & Last Seen App
StealthGuard: Hide Blue Ticks | No Last Seen
App for Hide Blue Ticks | No Last Seen
Hide Blue Ticks, No Last Seen - Protect Your Privacy
Hide Blue Ticks, No Last Seen App

Play Store Hide Blue Ticks App

App Size5MB
Rolelast seenoffline chatwhatsapp
Nowadays Installs500K+
Released onMar 13, 2019
Offered ByTheHexCoders

Hide Blue Tick or No Last Seen app helps you to hide WhatsApp blue ticks and last seen. You can even use this app as WA Offline Chat app where you can easily View WhatsApp chat history and can reply your friends messages without online show.

Are you tired of feeling like your every move is being tracked on messaging apps like WhatsApp and Messenger? Look no further! StealthGuard (Hide Blue Ticks: No Last Seen) App is the all-in-one solution to protect your privacy and regain control over your messaging experience.

Hide Blue Tick and Last Seen – Your Way:

StealthGuard is the ultimate hide blue tick app and hide last seen app for WhatsApp. Now, you can read incoming messages discreetly without the sender ever knowing you’ve seen them. StealthGuard empowers you to be invisible on WhatsApp, giving you the freedom to choose when to interact.

Online Status Hider – Remain Undetected:

Stay under the radar with our online status hider feature. StealthGuard ensures that you remain invisible on WhatsApp, allowing you to browse messages without showing your online presence. Take control of your availability and engage on your own terms.

WA Offline Messaging App – Stay Connected Always:

Worried about missing out on important messages due to poor internet connectivity? Fear not! StealthGuard doubles as a WhatsApp offline messaging app, allowing you to compose messages offline and send them when you’re back online. No more communication gaps!

Invisible Chat for WhatsApp – Communicate in Secret:

StealthGuard offers an invisible chat feature for WhatsApp, ensuring your conversations stay hidden from prying eyes. Enjoy private interactions with your contacts, without any unwanted intrusions. No need to remove internet connection or activate offline mode:

Incognito Chat for Messaging Apps – Privacy at Its Finest:

Not just limited to WhatsApp, StealthGuard provides incognito chat capabilities for various messaging apps, making sure your conversations across platforms are protected.

Invisible on Messenger – Extend Your Privacy for Messenger:

StealthGuard doesn’t stop at WhatsApp; it extends its privacy features to Messenger as well. Enjoy the same confidentiality and control over your messaging experience on both platforms.

Hide Blue Ticks | No Last Seen helps you to read your friends incoming messages without leaving any last seen and blue tick marks. Inside this Hide Blue Tick app, you can read unseen messages freely. Hide Blue Tick works as Last Seen Hider or Incognito Chat Reader for social media.

Effortless In-App Message Replies: Direct Chat App:

Gone are the days of constantly jumping between apps to reply to messages. With Stealthify, you can respond to your chats directly from within the app, Auto WA Message Reply mode saving you time and streamlining your communication process.

Auto Recover Deleted Messages:

Besides reading messages offline, you can also recover deleted messages of WhatsApp, Messenger and other App’s notifications. StealthChat (Hide Blue Ticks or Last Seen) app notifies you whenever any message deleted and auto recover deleted messages. You can view deleted messages without knowing your friends.

Finally, no read receipts, no check marks, No Blue Double Ticks No Last Seen! Stay safe, only one permission required.

PublishedGoogle Play Store
Official Websitehttps://thehexcoders.com/
Contact[email protected] (+923306371701)
Application PolicyPolicy
AddressGarden Town, Phase 3, Shop# 37, Gujranwala.
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  • Once you install the app you will be asked to grant it access to the notifications. This is a required step for the app to work.
  • Old messages will not be displayed upon installation, only newly received messages will appear.


StealthChat: Hide Blue Ticks | No Last Seen” is not affiliated with, or sponsored or endorsed by any other app. The brand names are used just for demonstration purpose.

For any question, an idea for improvement, complaints about bugs, etc. please give us feedback in reviews. Your feedback will help us to improve app in future versions.

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