What Is Wrong Password Alarm App

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It is not important to buy a mobile phone at the cost of millions, it is important to protect it, just protecting the mobile is wrong, sometimes it is right to protect our information in case the mobile is stolen, we must not forget to make all this clear.

Thus we will have to face many things in the future. In this web site article we will discuss about the security of mobile and what to do in case of theft if the things we face in the future will be good or sad depending on the decisions we make now.

Why keep the mobile locked?

In general, mobile is not only for talking but also for storing all kinds of share within it, we take photos of everything we go to with our loved ones and store it in it and exchange it with others, not only that but it also includes passwords like on our major social media.

Not only that, we also use our mobile especially for money transfer, so mobile is not only a thing that is half stuck in our body but also plays an important role in our life.

What happens if the mobile is stolen?

When a mobile phone is stolen we feel like our body is half gone and we have information about the money we can save in our life in it and it is very important to protect that information as well. Therefore you should always pay more attention on security in mobile, in this case there is no discrimination as to which is the more expensive mobile, which is the cheaper mobile, only security is necessary.

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Best Mobile Security Application

As we started writing this web site we were looking for a great application for you in this regard and we also want to increase the security on the mobile, we are going to recommend an application in which anyone, be it relatives or friends at home or outside, will immediately pick up your mobile and hear the noise as soon as they try to open it.

With this Wrong Password Alarm application, your security will be enhanced and your mobile phone will be noisy as soon as you want to see the information inside your mobile phone, this application will help you to that extent.

don’t touch my phone alarm on play store

don’t touch my phone without my permission The application is on Google’s official website, Play Store, so there is no need to worry about security. Below we have listed all the comments made by the developer who created this application, you can learn more by reading them clearly and after reading you can use the application at your own discretion.

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wrong password alarm

About Of Wrong password alarm App

App Size3.8M
12/2021 Nowadays Installs100,000+
RoleWrong password alarm
Official WebsiteVisit
Contact[email protected]
Application PolicyApp Privacy
Address9434-3480 Québec Inc 1-8350 Durocher Montréal, QC H3N2Z2 Canada

Sockeye secures your phone by monitoring the unauthorized attempts of screen unlock. When someone tries to unlock your phone, and after a certain number of failed attempts, the app will start an alarm, or silently take a picture.

Main Features

  • Wrong password alarm
  • Wrong password photo capture
  • Anti-theft alarm
  • Intruder selfie
  • Anti-spy alarm

Device Admin permission: This app requires the device admin permission to be able to monitor the attempts of unlocking the screen.

How to Use Wrong password photo capture App?

First download this application from the official website of google using the link below
Then in the application you will see three types of options, which include activation, alarm, setting, etc.

If you make the right settings in the application you can easily use this application.

Also, this application will ask for permission to go to work on your mobile and you can give that permission based on your own will

don't touch my phone without my permission

Yad Batth: Good but ,if when correct password is unlock the phone ,then alarm would have to stop automatically, if it gonna happen this app will be more useful

With this information, we hope you have had a good experience in securing your mobile in case of theft or away from you. Other articles on our website may be helpful for your mobile-based assistance, so we recommend that you visit them as well.

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