What Is Notepad Secret Vault Gallery Hider

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In this web article we are going to look at the information on how to hide important photos, videos etc. in our mobile through Notepad application.

Our main duty is to protect all the information on the mobile, so we need to create an algorithm that is not easily found by others, read our web article carefully to know it fully.

What Is Notepad Secret Vault App?

Although mobile in general has a lot of security features, we need to create something that is not easily detected, i.e., we can hide our important photos, videos etc. in the back of the Notepad application, which we can do with a better Notepad Secret Vault application.

For example we store all our information on mobile, in which photos and videos play a very important role, for example there is the thought of hiding our girlfriend’s photos from others, and there is the assumption that our friends or relatives should not view the photos without our permission.

Photo Touch Lock PasswordAudio Manager Vault App
Call Lock Features AppScreen Lock Protector

But in a situation like this they will easily find out if we have locked our photo normally, or they will ask you what is the password of the application you are hiding, but this Notepad Secret Vault application will help you to the extent that you do not know the information that you have hidden photos and videos.

How To Work Notepad Secret Vault App?

You can lock your photos in a very special way with the Notepad application, despite the many applications like this, a lot of people may be skeptical about which is the best Notepad Secret Vault application.

I decided to help you in this matter through this web article, so a from the official website of Google We have found the Notepad Secret lock application and below you will find the complete information to view this application and the opportunity to download it.

Notepad Secret Vault was created on the recommendation of Google, so it’s play.google.com so you can use it without fear. Whereas after reading the complete information about this application below you can use this application at your own discretion

Blockit, App LockTime PIN App Lock
Calendar Vault-HideDialer Vault App
Notepad Secret Vault Gallery Hider
App Size4M
12/2021 Nowadays Installs10,000+
RoleGallery Hider
Offered ByClechilipe
Official WebsiteNA
Contact[email protected]
Application PolicyApp Privacy
How To UseApp Use

Notepad is a secret gallery vault app which is use to hide gallery images and videos and also hide music and save secret notes using secret pin code behind the notepad.

  1. Download the application using link in bellow
  2. Open app
  3. Now Tap and Hold on Notepad Title
  4. Set your secret Pincode
  5. Now you can access the secret vault behind the notepad.
Notepad Secret Vault Gallery Hider app

We hope we’re helped you keep your important photos hidden from others, and we’re glad to give you a great application from Google’s official website.

We have written many more articles on our website to increase the security on your mobile, so you can visit other articles as well.

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