What Is Audio Manager Vault App

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In this web article we are going to discuss what is Audio Manager Vault, Vault applications like this are created in various ways and published for public use, all of which can help to hide information like our photos, videos, in which you can find out which is the good application and which is the bad application, Here we are going to discuss what is the main requirement of this.

What is the Audio Manager Vault Required?

This is the moment when mobile in general has become a burden bearer carrying all the things that concern us, our relatives and family. In this situation even though we always have the mobile with us, sometimes it can be stolen and sometimes there are some situations where we have to keep it away from us even for our charging.

At such a moment if our mobile is taken by someone else or someone else steals it, our mobile will be stolen and we will steal all the information. So this is probably one of the applications that can lock all of our own information to the extent that others may not even be able to find it in the situation where they take our mobile.

What is Audio Manager Vault?

Audio Manager Vault is a very powerful application that hides the amount of information that we have hidden. Usually everyone thinks that we should hide something only if we know that we are hiding something, but if they do not know whether we are hiding something or not they will not be eager to see it.

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Best Audio Manager Vault App

Excellent Audio Manager Vault like this, You can protect the information on your mobile with applications, but if you have any doubts as to what is a good application and what is a bad application, we have included one thing in this web article to solve it.

Currently e. Over 5 lakh people have been using this Audio Manager Vault application since the time of downloading this application. This application is available on the official website of the play store.

We hope this Audio Manager Vault application fully assists you, so you can read all the information below carefully and use this application at your own discretion.

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Audio Manager Vault - Hide photos,videos

Play Store Details Of Audio Manager Vault

App Size4.2M
12/2021 Nowadays Installs500,000+
RoleHide photos, videos, audios, notes
Offered ByMizzOraninlky
Official WebsiteVisit
Contact[email protected]
Application PolicyApp Privacy
AddressGujrat, India
How To UseApp Use

The Audio Manager Gallery Vault is a smart and secret vault to hide photos, videos from the gallery. Hide your photos and videos behind the secret Audio Manager.

  • Photos & videos protection: hidden files can only be accessed with the correct password.
  • Security lock: hide your files behind the audio manager secret lock and open the vault by entering the correct passcode and fingerprint(supported devices).
  • Create Securite Notes: Create secret notes inside the vault and access them only by entering the correct passcode.
  • Hide Audios: you can also hide mp3 files inside the vault.
  • Share hidden files: you can also share hidden files from the vault with security.
  • Image SlideShow: Image SlideShow with custom duration
  • Fingerprint Unlock: you can also open the vault by your fingerprint(Supported devices)
  • Fake passcode: Fake passcode will display an empty vault.
  • Passcode Recovery: In case of forgot passcode you can recover it by Entering the correct Security Question/Answer.

How To Use Audio Manager Vault App

  1. Install this application on your mobile from Google’s official web site using the download link below
  2. Then you can match your number lock or fingerprint lock in this application
  3. After successfully completing everything you can now easily hide your photos and videos with the help of this application, i.e. lock
Audio Manager Vault - Hide photos,videos app

Name Oh: The best app ever I have never seen such an app it’s like I can hide everything but not an app so if anyone wants to hide the app then find another but if u want to hide photos videos documents etc. U may use this app it’s awesome.

Thank you so much for traveling with us on this web site article and for all the information and application we have provided, we hope you find it useful and you can visit our website and article to laugh at your Android experience

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