White Numbers Calculator Vault: Secrete Photos

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In this article we are going to look at the best Calculator Vault application, we have already written many articles about such secret calculator application and those articles include the best play store application Calculator Calculator Vault.

The great thing about it is that it can do double duty, especially where you can put the accounts you need, while keeping your important documents confidential.

Thus, when we do both in one application, the load on our mobile is reduced, and the secret that we hide is not known to anyone. Using such an application is absolutely a highlight.

However, using such Vault applications is a discretionary decision. The reason is that when we use such applications to hide information, we need to check how reliable it is.

To help with this our website team selects and recommends you only the best Android application from Google Play Store, because all the applications published on Play Store follow the best policy of Play Store and that policy is published for the benefit of the users.

In that way, we have given below all the information and photos related to this Calculator Vault application selected from Play Store, we can see and benefit from it.

Play Store Details

App Size11MB
RoleCalculator Vault
Nowadays Installs500,000+
Released onJun 28, 2019
Offered Byusemysmartapp
Official Websitehttp://www.usemysmartapp.com/
Contact[email protected]
Application Policyhttp://www.usemysmartapp.com/safefolder_policy.html
AddressSafe Folder And Calculate vault Inc.

the Calculator Vault app icon? Ans: You can hide your app from Settings >> Hide Calculator Vault App

Q: How to unhide Calculator Vault app? Ans: You can unhide your appa by writing http://usemysmartapp.com/calculator.html in the browser and clicking on the given link (Press to click open Calculator Vault app)

Q: What is Break an alert? Ans: Break In Alert is used for security purposes, If you have switched ON intruder to identify the other person, which captures photos when any other user tries to access the app with the wrong password.

Q: What if I uninstall the app from my device? Ans: Before uninstalling an app it would be better to unhide your data. As it may lead to a loss of your files if you are not gone reinstall the app

Q: Is the app restores my data if I reinstall the app? Ans: Yes, if a Backup is found then it will restore the data

Q: How can I make sure my files are never lost? Ans: For that DO NOT delete, rename or move the folder or file from ‘/storage/emulated/0/.Calculator_vault/’

Activate Uninstall Protection to prevent this app from being uninstalled from kids or strangers

NOTE: Please make sure that when you run any cleaner app you don’t delete this directory as it will lead you to lose your files from the Calculator vault

This Calculator Locker uses the Device Administrator’s permission:

Disclosure: To prevent Calculiform or Vault being uninstalled, Calculator Vault needs Device Administrator Permission and it never uses any other Device Administrator permission except uninstall prevention.

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How does the Calculator Vault App work?

After seeing the information related to this application you can get the download option, just travel a little distance and directly go to the home page of the application and download it. The possibility to go there is given below the photo related to this Calculator Vault application.

How does Android Calculator Vault work?

White Numbers Calculator Vault Secrete Photos

This application can be used to perform basic calculations on your mobile, such as addition, subtraction, and multiplication.

And even though it is a calculator application, you can set a secret number as a password and hide your photos and documents in the back.

White Numbers Calculator Vault
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Let’s talk about the paly store Calculator Vault!

Although there are many such Mobile Vault applications, it is important to find an application that keeps our information safe (and not shared with others).

It is worth noting that we chose this one after paying a lot of attention to it, but it took us a long time to choose it.

That’s why we have given you the full description along with the information collected from there, use Calculator Vault App if you need it, share the article with all your friends if you think it will be useful.

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