Compass Vault Hide Photo Video: GREEN NEEDLE

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This article will allow you to hide important documents you need with a compass that can show directions and install the Compass Vault app with the best information collected from the play store.

Compass Vault helps you keep what you consider important documents under wraps, making it easier for others to hide what you’re hiding.

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Play Store Details

App Size17MB
Nowadays Installs10,000+
Released onDec 26, 2019
Offered ByAnavil Soft
Official WebsiteNA
Contact[email protected]
Application Policy

Compass Vault is used to hide pictures, hide photos, hide videos, audio, and files by hiding them in a password-protected function that looks like a compass.

Compass Vault App Lock Features:

Compass Fake Icon:

  • Disguise photo & video Vault as Compass.
  • On the Screen is a Compass app to hide your secret photo vault.

Hide Photo & Video:

  • Hide your pictures & videos easily from a gallery, album, or photos.
  • Fast and intuitive photo viewer.
  • Unlimited Photo & Video can be locked
  • Watch the Video in Vault
  • Keep snoopers away from private videos.
  • Support multiple formats of pictures: jpg, png, gif, and more.

Compass Vault gallery lock:

Hide File Vault

  1. Keep your File in a safe space.
  2. Hide your .doc,.pdf,.txt .. any format files.
  3. Unlimited Files can be locked.

Intruder Selfie & Alert

  • Compass Vault capture selfie secretly when the password is entered incorrectly (if your device has a front camera).
  • Snap anyone who tries to break into your privacy.

Compass Vault Other Function

Face Down Lock: Face Down Phone will help you to perform your chosen action in emergencies when someone came suddenly. for example, close the Compass vault app, open a website, or open another app immediately.

Uninstall Protection: App support “Compass Vault App Lock” to prevent Compass vault from being uninstalled by kids or strangers.

Hide Icon: You can hide the icon from the app list and open it by dialing ##333555## number.

No Storage Limitation: Using “Compass Vault ” you don’t face any storage limitation for your hidden files if your phone memory has enough storage space.

This app uses the Device Administrator’s permission.

Disclosure: To prevent Compass Vault from being uninstalled, Compass Vault needs Device Administrator Permission, and it never uses any other Device Administrator permission except uninstall prevention.


Q) How to use Compass Vault – App lock?

A: Step 1: Launch Compass App, Long Press on Compass it redirects to the vault.
Step 2: Set your pin and press “??” to confirm your password.
Step 3: enter and confirm your pin.
Step 4: Setup Security question.
Step 5: Ok. Now Login on to Gallery Vault with enter the pin.

Q). My hidden files are stored online?

No, your hidden files are stored inside the phone locally.

Q). Can I recover hidden files from my old phone if my new phone or phone stolen or broken?

No, currently we do not support online backup of your hidden files so you can not recover any of the files from the old phone.

Q). How do I change the app lock password?

Open your Compass vault App Lock first and select app lock then go to settings and click on the Change password option.

Q). After the hide icon, How i will open Compass Vault?

  • Open the hidden Gallery Vault by the four methods below:
  • Gallery: Open your Gallery and select a picture. Click the share button. Find “Open Compass Vault” and click it.
  • Dial pad: Enter ##333555## in your dial pad.

Q) I am not able to open my app after hiding my app. What should I do now?
A. Go to your phone security app(setting)–>app–>permission–>enable autostart of Compass vault.

Q) What if I lost my phone?
A: Please be sure that your hidden files are stored only on your device and not online.

IMPORTANT: Do not uninstall this app before unhiding your files otherwise it will be lost forever. Activate Uninstall Protection to prevent this app from being uninstalled by others, especially kids.

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How does Compass Vault App work?

It’s a mobile compass app that can show you the direction, yet you can create a secret compartment in the back to hide documents, and it’s safe enough that no one else would expect.

How to download Android Compass Vault?

Compass Vault Hide Photo Video GREEN NEEDLE

We have already mentioned the installation at the beginning of the article, you can install it by going to the play store, the opportunity to go there is given on our website, so take advantage of it.

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Let’s talk about some things!

This article will definitely help those who want to hide some information for some time and that too with a great app (from a great place).

We ask you to read all the Compass Vault app information in this article and use it only if needed based on your preference, as this is an application from Google Play Store, you will get the best advice and the best lesson.

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