Safe Calendar Lock With Photo Vault

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It looks like a normal calendar, but it has a secret half on the back that no one can find, that only allows the owner of the calendar to open it.

Yes, this is the first article to make sure that it is an easy thing for all those who think that it is very difficult to keep your secret photos, videos, documents, etc. on the mobile phone all the time.

Privacy is a must for humans in general, and mobile privacy covers an unimaginable number of things.

In this, he wants to protect important photos, videos, etc. in his mobile phone from everyone, it is noteworthy that Karan cannot delete them for fear of others.

Why would you be interested in seeing other people’s secrets?

Generally, if a room is locked, everyone is interested in opening it, but if half of the contents are unknown, no one will think or think about opening it.

You are going to see an application with such a different working capacity in this website article.

Is it that important?

Most people have a question in their minds that is it so important and do we need it, for example, you have an important photo that you don’t want anyone else to see except you, at such a moment you think that you should not give your phone to anyone.

But this is unlikely, for example when you are sleeping or taking a bath you will definitely leave your phone and then someone like your spouse or parent may pick up the phone.

Perhaps, if they know the password on your phone, then surely if they open your smartphone and see the photos inside, you will lose a lot, this mobile app is used to avoid this.

Benefits available

For example, you can hide your photos and documents secretly inside the phone, so you can share them with everyone on your phone without fear. This helps to avoid resentment in many situations.

How does it work?

Once you install this app, you will have a regular day indicator on your phone, where you can keep track of your week, month, etc.

In this, you will know the date from public holidays to festivals, but in this a certain place, i.e. when you press and hold the place indicated by this calendar, a chamber will automatically open at the back.

When you match the specific password to it, you will get permission to open and close a part, thereby you can hide the necessary photos, videos, and documents inside that room.


Installing the application is very easy, when you open our website article and scroll down, you will be able to see all the photos, and additional information about this application, i.e. the information provided by the developer.

And while scrolling down you will get a direct download option which can go to the respective play store.

What are we talking about? This means that we have provided absolutely clear explanations and clear instructions on our website.

Safe Calendar Lock With Photo Vault
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my word

Mobile has become a thing that man always carries with him, in which he stores all the things he needs.

Since the day the camera came in, he has started recording more photos and videos, etc. and he takes great pains when he considers some things to be secret.

He thinks that the big job is to protect the secret and to point out that it can be done easily, we are introducing this application to you through our website, which is of great help.

However, it is important to note that we have given you the option to download it directly from the Play Store official website, i.e. Google’s official Play Store.

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