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Rather than spending a lot of money to buy a mobile phone, the biggest challenge is to keep the screen locked so that no one knows it.

There are many Play Store applications for doing this, although all the instructions are mostly known to everyone.

You have come to this website article to get a great help in changing this, and we have designed this resource article to make it better.

One of the best Play Store Screen Touch Lock android app to be seen in this article can completely lock your mobile screen and not allow anyone else to use your phone except you.

We are going to recommend you to choose this very special Screen Touch Lock application, so don’t miss this opportunity and start browsing the website article.

Our experience

We also have many mobile phones in our group, we also have many mobile phones to handle our website, and if someone else thinks to use it, we will lock it with many applications for fear that the information related to the website will be known to him.

However, we were hoping to find an application that stands out, and we found this Screen Touch Lock application to be of great help.

Also, it has a unique working ability, so we recommend it to you, we have collected all the things related to it from play store, more description, photos, below, read it clearly and download and use it.

Play Store Details

App Size12MB
RoleTouch Lock Screen
Nowadays Installs500+
Offered ByArt Photo Maker
Official WebsiteVisit
Contact[email protected]
Application PolicyApp Privacy

Touch Lock Screen: Touch Photo Position Password is a modern screen lock specially made for mobile security purposes. You can secure your mobile by setting touch passwords. You can set a touch password by touching 2-4 positions.

Touch ID Lock Screen: Touch Lock Screen Photo Touch Position Password also provide you to choose your picture from photo gallery and set as photo lock screen.

Don’t worry if you forget the password, you can set a recovery password (Pin Password) for in case you don’t remember the touch lock screen password. If you entered an incorrect password six times, then you must have to initialize the setting by using pin code. You can change the existing pin which has set on your mobile phone.

You can enable or disable sound and vibration for the lock screen. In this application, there is a 20+ theme available for the lock screen. Users can see and set the touch lock screen preview.

The assistive touch lock screen: Photo Touch Lock Screen can simply set a “touch password” with the touch of specific positions on my photo such as eyes, nose, mouth, face, or hand.

One Touch Lock Screen: Touch Lock Screen Lock is lightweight and a popular app beloved by commuters, students and elderly users or any person who has finger trembling disability would find it useful because it allows them to enjoy their device’s display without interruption by preventing unintended operations on the finger touch lock screen and buttons.

Features of Touch Lock Screen – Touch Photo Position Password

  • Secure Your phone using Photo Touch ID Lock Screen – Touch Lock Screen app.
  • You can select an image from the wallpaper or gallery or the camera.
  • Enable/ disable Lock.
  • You can set a touch lock password in two or four selected positions.
  • Enable or disable sound and vibration for the lock screen.
  • You can set a recovery password (Pin Password) for in case you don’t remember the touch lock screen password.
  • Select 30+ themes for your screen lock.
  • You can change the theme and can set a new theme.
  • You can see the set touch lock screen preview.
  • Protect yourself from other users.
  • Start or Stop the app service on a single click.
  • You have the option to alter the existing pin.
  • Very easy and smooth to use these touch lock screens.
  • Simple and easy interface.

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Who Touch My PhoneTouch Clock
Touch Photo PositionStop Alarm Don’t Touch
Touch Lock Screen TN Shorts
Image By Play Store
Touch Lock Screen app TN Shorts
Image By Play Store
Touch Lock Screen Android TN Shorts
Image By Play Store
Touch Lock Screen play store TN Shorts
Image By Play Store

How does it work?

Once downloaded, this application lets you touch specific locations, meaning you can create a screen display password that only you know about a photo or a specific location.

Touching any other place will not unlock your mobile, it will only allow you that specific place, it will be a mobile screen lock that no one else can guess, use this to protect your mobile.

How to download?

The opportunity to download the application is available on the Play Store, and as always, we provide a download guide there.

The site contains information about this, use it to download and protect your phone.

Screen Touch Lock
NO Touch, BlockStop Touch Screen
Who Touched My PhoneCall Disable With Touch

Can we have a few more words?

The information in the mobile is more important and valuable than the mobile itself, so we should always lock the mobile carefully.

We have designed this website article to protect our information so that no one can take our mobile phone even if someone takes it.

Feel free to post your comments on any article and we look forward to hearing your feedback on this as well.

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