Call Disable With Touch Blocker App

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In this article, you will find a discussion on how to safely use incoming phone calls on our mobile phones as well as a great help so that you can control your mobile touch screen so that we can clearly see what benefits are going to be available.

Touch disable, touch blocker App

Mobile is now widely used as a full touch screen and is being developed all over the world. As such, some of our important calls come on mobile and we lose our mobile calls due to some unnecessary rubbing, by mistake, it can interrupt many things, a better touch to prevent this We will see the help of Blocker App in this website article,

Note: We have clearly attached at the bottom of this article what it says is a great Call Disable application in this regard, read it in its entirety and you can use it only if you have the option.

Disable TouchTouch Lock Password
Touch ProtectorDisable Your Android Touch
App Size7.4M
Nowadays Installs1,000+
Offered BySamAppsStudio
Official WebsiteVisit
Contact[email protected]
Application PolicyApp Privacy
How To UseApp Use

The touch disable android app is the best screen touch locker, touch screen blocker is useful when you are facing issues because of kids having fun with your personal or official data on the phone. This toddler lock screen saves you from the kids messing with your phone. You will feel comfortable when you give a phone to your kid with a touch block screen. This disabled touch screen app is useful for students, businessmen & women, elders, and everyone who is facing problems because of finger trembling disability.

Easy to unlock: Disable touch screen app automatically shows you a floating lock icon on your phone’s screen you will have to just tap on that floating icon to unblock the touch screen.

Permissions: Draw Over Other Apps: touch disabler app requires the Draw over other apps permission to work properly and receive notifications in the notification panel.

Limits: According to the policy of android, the device’s lock button (power button) cannot be blocked.
To disable touching soft keys, you must enable accessibility permission first.

How it works

To use this amazing screen touch disabler app, follow these uncomplicated steps.

Step1: Download & Install the touch disabler app from the google play store and open it.
Step2: click on the START Button to proceed with the screen lock.
Step3: Select Lock type from these 3 options, Pattern/Pin/Fingerprint.
Step4: Select a secret question, it will help you to recover your password in case you forget it.
Step5: Now when you want to disable the screen, open that screen which you want to lock and click the touch blocker notification on the notification panel.
Step6: When you want to enable the screen touch then tap on the dim lock icon on your phone screen in a corner.

Highlights of the Touch Disable Lock: Best Touch Blocker: Toddler lock screen touch is the best screen locker app for kids to lock the screen when your kids are watching videos on their phones.

Customizable locking methods: Users can choose the touch screen lock method as per their wish, as there are three ways of touch blocking. Use can use a Pin, a pattern, and fingerprint as well for blocking the touch screen.

Customizable unlocking taps: Unlock the touch screen on your own, it is customizable for the user to choose the unblock the screen touch with a single tap, double taps, triple taps, or quadruple taps for security reasons.

Toddler Lock: When gives your phone to the children and you are worried about your important data on the phone then at this time of worry the Child lock app gives you comfort, you can lock the screen to touch your kids are going to watch and can relax.

The comfort of movie watching: The touch screen app is a comfort for the users when you are watching a movie and unwanted clicks are happening by mistake, you can just lock the screen and enjoy watching a movie.

Save battery: Save your phone’s battery by locking the touch screen when you are listening to music.

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How to install, and use this app?

  1. Use the link below to download this application.
  2. And if you have to give some permission in this regard you can give it too, it should be based on your choice.
  3. Finally, you can control your mobile touch screen with the special features available in this application.
Call Disable With Touch Blocker

It is worth noting that this important website article we have provided was written with a view to helping mobile users as well as those who use it as a full touch screen, please share your thoughts with us in the comment box, and share this yoga with your friends and relatives.

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