Touch Photo Position Password

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No matter what kind of mechanism you lock your phone, others can easily guess and find it?

So, if you are one of those people who are having a lot of stress using the most common mobile lock methods nowadays, then we are waiting to help you.

The mobile lock method that you are going to see in this article is the best method that you have never heard or seen before. You can lock your phone with photos on your phone.

In this article, you are going to see a Touch Photo Position Password application that has such a power that your mobile will be unlocked just by touching the secrets in the photos.

How strong is this lock?

It’s a very secretive method that you can’t even think about, and we took a lot of time to choose this photo password method.

The reason is that even though there are various methods such as baton lock, pin lock, fingerprint in the current era, people understand it easily.

But while searching for an easy to guess method we came across this photo password method which is also taken from the official website so you can use it without fear it is a play store application.

Best Touch Photo Position Password App

While we were selecting this application we found that there are many such application and we saw everyone’s approval in the comment box to choose a best application from them.

Many people have given their opinion then, so we chose this app to make sure it’s the best photo password app we’ve ever seen. So you can use this application without any fear, the possibility is given below.

Note: The opportunity given below is not to download this application, rather it is an opportunity to reach an area created to know information related to this application.

It includes photos, videos, etc. related to this application, and the developer’s comments on the play store, so it is better to read them clearly before downloading and using them.

Some key features of this application?

1. set a recovery password (Pin Password) for in case you don’t remember the touch lock screen password.
2. select an image from the wallpaper or gallery or the camera.
3. Set a touch lock password in two or four selected positions.
4. change the theme and can set a new theme.
5. select 20+ themes for your screen lock.
6. see the set touch lock screen preview.
7. change the existing pin.
8. enable or disable sound and vibration for the lock screen.

How does this application work?

This application will first ask for some permissions to customize all your photos. After choosing a photo based on that, it will generate your password by secretly touching some important places in that photo.

When you try to unlock your phone that particular photo will appear on the front of the phone display, then you have to touch the place you secretly touched on that photo again and then your phone will unlock.

Touch Photo Position Password
Error LockPhoto Touch Lock
Signature LockerHome Time Password

My Words

There are so many things like this that people take a lot of trouble to choose the best one, so we have designed this platform to be a help to this problem and all the things you see on this website will be Google-advised articles and advice-advance apps.

You don’t need to have any doubts that we will recommend such good applications more often in the future, so you can keep visiting our website.

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