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90% of things on mobile are supposed to be secret, because mobile is a thing that carries all the information of a person.

Security is the big question mark in this case and in this article you are going to see a great help to change this and lock all your information safely with a great Play Store Hide with Screen Overla App.

Below we have given all the comments, photos, etc. from the creator, see it clearly and download it.

play store details

App Size13MB
RoleScreen Hide with Screen Overla
Nowadays Installs5000+
Offered ByExpressway Apps
Official WebsiteVisit
Contact[email protected]
Application PolicyApp Privacy
AddressNo.1 Gowlee Bazar Street, Near Elephant Park, Someshwarpura, Halasuru, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560008

By applying screen filter to cover mobile hide screen size and read content clearly.

  • Hide and obscure half, full, quarter of your screen to hide content, messages or chats.
  • Adjust screen height as your choice.
  • Drag the screen guard window to control visible areas and cover rest of screen.
  • Adjust screen guard brightness/transparency as your choice.
  • Easily apply multiple themes with color and images.
  • Friendly application interface, easy to use
  • Easily change screen guard window height and brightness/transparency using setting.\

Required Permission: ACTION_MANAGE_OVERLAY_PERMISSION, SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW (for open Floating anywhere)

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Signature Screen LockerFake Screen Lock
Screen Hide with Screen Overla app TN Shorts
Image By Play Sore
Android Screen Hide with Screen Overla TN Shorts
Image By Play Sore
Mobile Screen Hide with Screen Overla TN Shorts
Image By Play Sore
Tnshorts Screen Hide with Screen Overla TN Shorts
Image By Play Sore
play store Screen Hide with Screen Overla TN Shorts
Image By Play Sore

How does it work?

This application helps to protect the information in your mobile and lock the home area, you must read the comments given by the creator to know the related information clearly.

How to download?

The option to download the application is available through play store and you can install it through your mobile, the option is given below.

Screen Hide with Screen Overla
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Combination Safe LockScreen Lock Protector

My opinion

We have many such applications, all of which are very popular among mobile users.

We have linked these articles among others, please read it clearly and get benefit and recommend it to your friends.

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