Write Screen [Signature Screen Locker]

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We will lock the mobile with many methods, did you know that you can still lock your mobile with your signature? In this article you will see a Signature Screen Locker processor that is so special.

Signature Screen Locker App

This application has a completely unique work capability, so get ready to see this Android Signature Screen Locker application. Mobile has become a warehouse where a man stores all his personal information, including information about his family and his office, and beyond that he stores and so on, such as photos of his loved ones, videos, transfers, and social media sites. He seeks help in many applications to protect his mobile phone, which is designed to be a great application that can help in that regard.

use of Signature Screen Locker app?

The main feature of this application is that it has a slightly different work capacity than other applications, while it is a good application, because it is a great application taken from the Google web site Play Store, which will definitely benefit you, the Google Play Store always recommends only good apps to increase security A fact known to all.

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how it work?

If you see how this application works, it will give you an opportunity to write on your mobile display, then you can write your favorite writing or your handwriting, which will be tolerated as your mobile screen password.

This way you can securely lock the information in your mobile, your mobile will only open if you write that letter with your fingers, it is designed with such a special algorithm.

Note: We have created a unique section to learn about this great application, in which you will have the opportunity to download this application, while you can see all the photos and information related to this application there, so take advantage of the opportunity given below to travel to that area!

Write Screen [Signature Screen Locker]

Click on the link above to reach the Signature Screen Locker application section we discussed in this section, find out all the information from there and download and use it at your own discretion.

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