Microphone Voice Screen Lock

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Are you going to learn a seed that can control mobile with voice in this website article?

Yes, this article has included an amazing and unique Microphone Voice Screen Lock application that can automatically lock and unlock your mobile just by hearing your voice.

Apart from that this application is taken from google play store which has its own special feature because everyone knows that play store is a trusted website worldwide.

In this case you will be seen as the unique person and the person doing the special thing in many moments, this thing can work so precisely.

When we lock the phone with our fingerprint or with some friends there is a chance that others can see and unlock it.

But when you lock the phone with your voice, the phone won’t unlock even if someone else hears your voice and says the word correctly.

As much as a child becomes familiar with his mother’s language, your mobile will start working with your voice, so you need to know how special the application is.

Note: We have collected information about this from google play store and given it clearly below, that information includes comments from the creator of this application, photos about it, and you will also get a chance to download it, take some time to view it all.

play store details

18App Size9MB
RoleVoice Screen Lock
Nowadays Installs10,000,000+
Offered ByAxion MobiSolution
Official Websitehttps://axionmobisolution.blogspot.com/
Contact[email protected]
Application Policyhttps://docs.google.com/document/d/e/2PACX-1vSvUE72urlw7xrh6_bfAgvjdIvg6dhTAdW8A8gR3rNfp9Knp8iRrVauiLmkktJXr1xYTPYrpXDq6nPS/pub

Voice Screen Lock: Pin – Pattern Lock, Time Lock

Voice Screen Lock: Unlock Screen With Voice Command is an amazing new application that allows you to unlock your phone using a voice command. Speak and unlock your device using your voice set password.

You use different lock screens with Different Patterns to secure your private or sensitive data. You want a different lock screen also this work with your voice. So, your wish is complete.

Voice Screen Lock App application through you gets new style Lock screen just you speak your password and open your lock. This is the Best Screen Lock application which is also very fun to use.

Unique Voice Screen Lock is a new and very unique lock way to Lock/Unlock your phone device. If you wish to have a unique voice lock screen option on your phone device, this is the best application.

It is very easy and simple to use and very easy to set up your decent Voice Lock Screen password. Show your friends and family members the new style of unlocking your device through your voice command and voice control.

Pin Screen Lock

An amazing collection of wallpapers for a Pin Screen Lock. The all-new latest pin lock screen is here to give your phone a ravishing look. If you want to get rid of the conventional boring Screen locks, you can refresh the look of your phone by downloading this free-of-cost application that is a pin lock screen.

Pin Screen Lock is compatible with almost every android device. It’s also tested on various android devices i.e android tablets and android based mobile phones. All the actions can be performed very easily without any confusion.

Pattern Screen Lock

Pattern Lock Screen is a cool, secure, and customizable Lock Screen App for free with various Beautiful Wallpaper.

This Pattern Screen Lock app shows and displays real-time clock and date. Set a beautiful pattern design on your lock screen with an easy password. Gesture Lock Screen app gives you a pattern lock screen with high security. In this Smart Lock Pattern app password pin and pattern screen off and pattern lock feature are available for free.

Time Screen Lock

Here comes Screen Lock – Time Password (Dynamic Password) for the rescue. You can make your Phone Current Time its lock screen password. And time changes every minute, and so does the password, so no one can even guess it.

White Clock HideOpen Eye Screen
Screen CameraSwipe Down

Voice Screen Lock TN Shorts
Image Source: Play Store
Voice Screen Lock 2022 TN Shorts
Image Source: Play Store
2022 Voice Screen Lock TN Shorts
Image Source: Play Store
Voice Screen Lock app TN Shorts
Image Source: Play Store

How does it work?

You must install this application which gives you an option to lock with your voice.

It asks your microphone for permission to create a password by voice, and when you speak your voice, it converts that specific word into a password on your phone.

This application will also give you the option to restore it if it doesn’t work in some cases.

How to download?

The opportunity to download the application is given in the article, you can continue to go through our website. You will get the option to install through LeStore.

Microphone Voice Screen Lock app
Full Size ProfileEncrypt Decrypt
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My opinion

There are many applications that we download and use, but among all, there are some special applications that provide more security.

We have recommended you this reflective application that will make others wonder and wonder, use it and share it with your friends.

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