Volume Number Fake Screen Lock

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You can fool everyone with a false impression that your phone is locked and protect your phone.

What we are going to see in this web article is something completely different, which is to increase our security very easily.

For example, your mobile screen can display an appearance as if your phone is locked on the home screen, thereby easily fooling others into thinking that the mobile is locked.

I mean, let’s look at an example

If we have locked our phone then it will have many options, they will try to unlock it with fingerprint, they will try to unlock it by entering 0 to nine digit numbers, but if they know that it is a fake lock on the home screen, no matter what they do they will not get a chance to login.

Therefore, they are easily deceived, and this opportunity to help such a thing should not be missed, because in many moments even the things that we can spend a lot of money will fail, but a few things that we normally think about will achieve great success.

Is it necessary to protect our mobile?

With this Fake Screen Lock method you can fool everyone and protect your phone without much difficulty because your phone is yours and only you are allowed to use it.

No one else can use it without your permission, and you are about to see an opportunity to ensure that in this website article.

Because the mobile contains various information, if you get a person’s mobile, you can collect all the information about him, so you need to pay attention to this.

Is it good?

You may see many such things, but choosing the best among them all is a skill, and this website article is a chance to help you with that.

That is, we recommend for you a selection of the best Fake Screen Lock Android application from the world-renowned Google Play Store.

We have also created a special section to know more information about this android app, in that section it includes all related photos, comments by the creator, direct access to the play store, even if you want to visit it, you can visit it or not directly go to the play store to download it. .

Because, we have provided both the opportunity and one note is that we recommend any application from play store, when you go there and download it directly you will get its original version and update from time to time, so take advantage of below opportunity.

How does it work?

The application works in three different modes i.e. it will show three types of Fake Lock display on the front of your phone so that the onlookers start rubbing their fingers on the display thinking that your mobile is locked but nothing happens.

The reason is that there is no real android lock in the home area, it is just a Fake Screen Lock screen that can fool the eyes, so in this way you can fool everyone and your mobile information is safe inside your mobile, only you can unlock it.

How to download?

As seen in the website article we have suggested two ways, the first way is to go to play store after knowing all the information.

The second way is to go directly to play store, you can choose any of the two and download it and recommend it to your friends.

Fake Screen Lock
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My word is with you

In general, there are many mobile applications, but a special task is to select the applications that do not overload the mobile and select the most powerful application, the application that can provide assistance.

Our website is always striving to help you in that process and will keep recommending you good information.

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