Why Use Hidden Chat Curtain

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In the present era, there is more to texting on social media than talking to someone in person, rather than on mobile, so we tend to spend more time texting with others and we doubt if they are all safe. Sometimes the information we share may be viewed by someone else, it is necessary to share it very securely, to make it all clear to you, this web site article has been created to provide tremendous help in this regard, please read this carefully.

What is the security of SMS conversations?

During that time we would meet a man in person, then call him on his mobile, or talk by letter, nowadays when we are travelling or sitting in a place and chatting with others for a long time via SMS, for example, we can say that we get a new experience, we text rather than chat in person. We even talked about putting up a lot of images while talking, which would get a lot of delicious experiences.

We may share a lot of important information, and it can be very important that the information is not seen by others, so we need to make sure that all the text messages you share are securely linked to the person you think. At the same time even if someone else shares a few SMS of information with you, you need to know whether or not someone else is reading the message in between until it reaches you, so it is very important to deal with a few security features of that size.

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How to chat safely on mobile?

The information we share will include company-based information, our family-related information, and sometimes our romantic information, so all of our information must be secure. We have selected a great Hidden Chat Curtain application from Google Play Store to help you in this matter, so when you share SMS with others through this application, it will reach him more securely, he will be able to read it very easily, only those who invite you to read this message It is worth noting that this message can be read.

The Hidden Chat Curtain application is very secure because it is on Google’s official website, so you can only download and use this Hidden Chat Curtain application from the Google Play Store if you create space in the Google Play Store only if you create as recommended by Google. Below are all the comments made by the creator of this, after reading you can use this application only if you have the option.

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Why Use Hidden Chat Curtain

Hidden Chat Curtain App Play Store Details

App Size13M
01/2022 Nowadays Installs5,000+
RoleHidden Chat Curtain
Offered ByFunctional App Studio
Official WebsiteVisit
Contact[email protected]
Application PolicyApp Privacy
How To UseApp Use

This Chat Curtain is a digital curtain that helps you protect your privacy. Whether you are using your phone in the public area or you don’t want anyone else sitting next to you to have a look at your private messages, the chat curtain protects you.
This Chat curtain lets you protect any social chats with a curtain.

This Chat curtain is a FREE unique digital Mask designed for android users to maintain privacy while having a private conversation on their smartphones. Private Conversation could be chatting on any social network. You can change bubble icon, bubble transparency, border colour, curtain background image, curtain transparency, curtain colour, etc.

  • Open App and click on chat curtain and allow permission.
  • Customize curtain with given settings like bubble border, bubble icon, bubble opacity, curtain image, curtain opacity, curtain colour, etc.
  • Drag and expand to hide your private chat.
  1. Hidden chat gives freedom to read your friends’ messages without leaving any last seen notice or blue double check notification.
  2. If you are looking for a simple way to hide a status from being active, simple use this last seen hider. It’s the simplest way to remain unseen and protect your privacy while still doing the things.

This Hide Blue Ticks app is really easy to use: when you receive a message, it will also be received in this app. There, you can read it freely, whenever you want, without having any of your sender knowing that you have seen it.

  • Hide Last Seen
  • No Blue Tick
  • Hidden Chat
  • Incognito Chat

App Disclaimer:

  • This app is NOT an official app from any social massaging app. This app is NOT affiliated in any way to any social massaging app.
  • This app does not store any of your or your device’s personal information and does not intend to share on the internet. We respect everyone’s privacy.
  • android. settings.ACTION_NOTIFICATION_LISTENER_SETTINGS: This app requires notification permission to read notification data when new messages arrive. This app does not share your private chat on any social network.

how to hide archived chats

  • Download this application from Google Play Store using the link given below
  • When installing this application on your mobile. This application may ask for some permissions and you can do it at will
  • Finally, there are some important settings for you to use this application, by following them you can safely share your SMS.
Hidden Chat Curtain App

We hope that your text message will be shared securely with this information we have provided, and we look forward to hearing your thoughts on the SMS experience and these sweet moments we talked about, please share your thoughts in the comment box and we would like to design your future article accordingly.

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