What Is WhatsApp Chat Locker

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Before Install this app, it is imperative to note this: We are providing the best application selected by play store to all the android users who come to our TnShorts website. We would like to inform you that some of those mobile applications may be removed from Play Store in future.

As such we found that the WhatsApp Chat Locker application discussed and recommended in this article is currently not available in the Play Store. You should also know that Play Store has the power to remove some such applications, this type of work is done in the Policy reasons of the users.

At the same time if you are more interested in WhatsApp related application then click this section to know about the application in play store till date.

In the olden days people would share information with each other in a letter way, but now the time has become for social media. So even if they want to share any information, they share it via SMS on their mobile.

What Is WhatsApp App

The most used application is WhatsApp, which has become one of the most used applications to share more information with the public. It is noteworthy that this application comes with the mobile immediately when buying a mobile.

What is required for Chat Locker For WhatsApp?

When we share information in the WhatsApp application, many people start using various Chat Locker For WhatsApp applications for security reasons as they are skeptical about the possibility of others viewing it, which is said to be the WhatsApp Chat Locker application.

More Details Of WhatsApp Chat Locker App

Our web site article has been created exclusively with the aim of giving you clear information about WhatsApp Chat Locker, allowing applications like this in the Google Play Store, which is being used by millions of people.

Nevertheless we have compiled a great WhatsApp Chat Locker application for you at the end of our web article, while we will present you the information in the Google Play Store in front of you.

It is also important to note that you are responsible for your own security when using such applications, and this web article is intended to provide you with a good information. Read the information below clearly and find out about this WhatsApp Chat Locker application and use it.

Chat Locker AppHigh Volume Booster
Status Bar & NotchTouch Protector App
What Is WhatsApp Chat Locker

WhatsApp Chat Locker On Play Store

App Size16M
12/2021 Nowadays Installs10,000+
App RoleWhatsApp, Chat
Offered ByZentic Apps
Official Websitehttps://c1bd18a23.app-ads-txt.com/
Contact[email protected]
Application Policyhttps://sites.google.com/view/zenticapps/home

Protect Your Chats Chat Locker Messenger Is a Group and Private Chat Locker App It Adds a Password to Your Whatsapp Messages. It Does This by Simply Adding 4 Digit Pin to Enter Any of Your Whatsapp.

The days are gone when your friends were able to investigate your WhatsApp chats but now they can’t do this when you have the Chat Locker for WhatsApp. Chat Locker for WhatsApp is an App that keeps an eye on those who try to cheat on you, and try to open your private conversation.

WhatsApp Chat Vault safe chat with your friends and family on WhatsApp. This application offers a lock for WhatsApp chat that can secure chat or lock some of your WhatsApp’s chat instead of locking the application with a passcode or your fingerprint.

More App Info

Using our lock chat for WhatsApp app you can easily secure chat even your private and group WhatsApp conversation and maintain their privacy using a passcode and Fingerprint lock. In this Chat locker App, you will need of 4digit password to open a single or group chat. WhatsApp Chat Locker provides you Security for WhatsApp chats and groups. You can customize which chat you want to lock.

This app is unique and very useful as it focuses on your privacy and security. By tapping on the ‘+’ icon, you can secure your private WhatsApp chats and stop worrying about them being accessed by others when your Android device is left unlocked. Concealing your private data is very easy with WhatsApp Chat Locker

WhatsApp Chat Locker is Supportable for fingerprint lock and pin code.

  • Chat Locker for WhatsApp never Drains the phone’s battery.
  • Add the Largest quantity of chats to lock.
  • Free to use.
  • Uses Only one Password for chats and apps.
  • Minimum storage taker.
  • Protect chats, groups, and full WhatsApp Application.
  • No maximum permissions are required.
  • Best app for locking WhatsApp chats and groups.
  • Simple design and easy-to-use interface.
  1. WhatsApp Chat Locker requires ACCESSIBILITY that Chat Locker can Access your contacts chats to secure them.
  2. Allow the Accessibility by going to settings ð Installed Services ð open the WhatsApp Chat Locker option.

How To Use WhatsApp Chat Locker

For better use of this chat vault App follow these Steps…

  1. First download this application from the Play Store, the official website of Google, using the link below
  2. Open the WhatsApp messenger locker app.
  3. Click on the Get Started button.
  4. Allow accessibility from your phone’s settings.
  5. Set a 4digit pin code and also set a fingerprint lock (If you have a fingerprint option on your phone).
  6. Click the + icon to add chats and groups to lock.
  7. Choose Contacts from the list of your WhatsApp and add them to the locker App.

So this is the perfect lock for WhatsApp chat conversation. Easily secure your private and group WhatsApp conversations and maintain their privacy using a passcode and fingerprint lock.

Disclaimer: This app is not affiliated in anyway with nor endorsed by WhatsApp Inc. We Are Not Responsible for Any Kind of Re-Usage of Any Media Downloaded by the User.

What Is WhatsApp Chat Locker On Dndroid

Sukhavani kopparthi: Why it’s not working like it’s not adding contacts.. please fix it fast I need this app it’s really good response from feedback..

We hope you find this information we have provided very helpful and at the same time hope that you understand more about the WhatsApp application and about SMS. We also ask you to visit our website for more information

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