Why Use Chat Locker App

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In the present era of mobile people are exchanging more information through social media sites than meeting face to face or communicating through mobile, they think to lock this incident so that others do not know about it, some discussions about this and help related to it is to give us the article so travel in our article Pleasant experiences and unexpected help are available

Why Chat Locker for WhatsApp?

Mobile is something that can provide a more enjoyable experience through social media sites if social media sites are more interested in chatting with others through characters. The pleasure of writing and speaking in writing is different from what we usually speak, and this text messaging system gives us that much better experience.

When we talk to each other via SMS I talk about some information openly, for example even something we are reluctant to talk about in person can be easily shared with others in writing, so it is important to keep those social media chats private so that no one else can see them.

Paste chat lock app

chat lock We’re going to give you my help with an application in this regard, and this application was taken from Google’s official website, so we’ve given you the full information about this application below, and we recommend that you use it only if you’re interested in this application after viewing it. You can get it from the Play Store and download it there

Blue Tick For WhatsAppWhatsApp Call Recorder
Unseen statusWhatsApp Chat Locker
Why Use Chat Locker App

Play Store details of chat locker app

App Size2M
11/2021 Nowadays Installs100,000+
Offered ByRed Sky Team
Official WebsiteSite
Contact[email protected]
Application PolicyApp Privacy

Are you looking for an app that consumes less battery and helps secure group & individual WhatsApp chats? If your answer is yes, you have come to the right place. Download Chat Locker for WhatsApp – Secure Chat Now!

Chat Locker for WhatsApp – Secure Chat is a Group and Private Chat Locker application. It Adds a Password to Your Whatsapp Messages. Simply Adding 4 Digit Pin to Enter Any of Your Whatsapp Chats. Without the Pin, No One Can See Your Private Messages.

After installation of Chat Locker for WhatsApp – Secure Chat will ask you asset of 4 digit PIN, then you can select the chat you want to hide and it will hide your chats using the chat vault feature. Whenever you will open this locked chat it will ask you for a security pin and then after giving it the right code, it will open the chat.

Internet Blocker AppStylish Text App
Style DP MakerScreen With Call Lock
  • Free to use
  • Free to Use and Has No Limitations.
  • Best for Locking Whatsapp Private & Group Chats
  • Protects Whatsapp Chats from Unauthorized Access
  • Secure Group or Individual Chats.
  • Single Password for App Lock and Chat Lock
  • Chat Locker Does Not Drain the Phone’s Battery
  • Minimum permission required
  • Supports fingerprint sensor for easy unlocking
  • Single password for chat and app so that you don’t have to remember multiple passwords.

Chat Locker for WhatsApp App is one of the best locker apps to lock your WhatsApp chat and application. Stop worrying about your private information being exposed. Outstanding features of Chat Locker for WhatsApp.

How to Use

  1. After Installation, WhatsApp Chat Locker Will Ask You to Set a 4 Digit Pin, and Will Ask to Confirm.
  2. App Will Show the Configuration Option to Enable the Required Permissions, Grant It.
  3. Now, Tap on the ‘+’ Icon to Add the Chat You Need to Lock

This application requires the following permissions

1) This app uses the Accessibility Service permission we need this permission to protect private conversation on messaging apps. By granting this permission you are allowing us to receive notifications when you are interacting with other apps and inspect the content of a window you are interacting with on your device.
We are not using the above-listed permissions for any other purposes. We are not collecting or transferring your personal data and your device data out of your device via the internet or to any third party.

How to download chat lock?

  1. Download the application using the red link below
  2. You will be asked for some permissions when installing the mobile application, which you can allow if you wish
  3. Finally, you can lock the chat with some of the features available in the application

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Why Use Chat Locker App 2022

Pinky Kumari: It’s a very good app it really locks each of the WhatsApp chats. We have to choose them and it locks it. But if we switch to Whatsapp with the three-line button given on the navigation bar, it fails

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