Music Player With Photo Locker Vault

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It is very important to hide our Main photos from others, the important thing is that they do not know that we have hidden the photos on the mobile, we have to hide our photos in a special way that size, you will definitely find help in this article, and our Your questions about the need to hide photos will be answered here, and some discussions will take place, so come on in and find out about it.

Why do I need the Music Player Vault app?

Currently, all photos taken with mobile phones are stored on mobile phones, so some of the photos stored in this way will be ours, which means that we will not be afraid to destroy such photos, because it is a monument to us in the future. Those photos are a treasure trove of memories of the past, so it is imperative that we preserve those photos.

Best Vault App

In this matter of protecting photos we may need some Vault applications to hide those photos from others, and it should be a good app, we decided to help you in this matter We have selected a great Music Player Vault application from Google’s official website Play Store, which looks like Music Player There will be, but you can hide many of the photos in it from others, viewers will only think of it as a place where the song is heard, and it will function unimaginably well. We have given below all the information related to the Music Player Vault application and after reading it clearly we recommend that you download and use it only if you like it.

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Play store details of player vault app

App Size5.2M
Nowadays Installs10,000+
Offered ByJimajinjin
Official WebsiteVisit
Contact[email protected]
Application PolicyApp Privacy
AddressDegoo Backup AB Östermalmsgatan 93 114 59 Stockholm Sweden
How To UseApp Use

The App looks like a simple music player, but if long-press on title Music Player then it will redirect to login and you can hide your files in the vault. You can hide photo videos behind the Music player app. Photo, video and audio files could be hidden in a secret gallery with security.

Core Features

  • Hide Files: Hide photo, video and audio, it will not be shown in the gallery after hiding files.
  • Access Vault: A password or fingerprint is required to open the vault.
  • Fake Vault: It shows an empty vault.
  • Unhide File: Restore the file when you want(at selected path).
  • Share File: Share files directly from the vault no need to unhide data first.
  • In-built Browser: Image viewer, video player and audio player.
  • Because of the above features, we need Storage access otherwise the app will not work properly


USE_FINGERPRINT: This Permission is used to Unlock the vault with your FingerPrint.
Write Storage Permission: This Permission is used to hide and unhide files to storage.
INTERNET: This permission is used to show ads.

Permission for Android 11 and above devices: Due to the Google system API upgrade, please authorize the permission to access all files. Otherwise, they can not work properly

To protect hidden data please don’t uninstall the safe gallery app. Don’t delete or modify any files under the app folder in your root directory. Cleaning tools may affect hidden files. Hidden files are stored on the device’s storage only. Complete security question setup.

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How to install, and use the music player vault app?

  1. Press the red button below to download the vault app first.
  2. When you try to install this application, it will ask for some permissions and you can use it after reading it.
  3. If everything is done successfully, you will be able to hide your important photos from the unknown through the existing settings that you love.

Disclaimer: All the content and resource copyright is reserved for its respective owner.

Music Player Vault Photo Locker

You should consider that the information we provide is only for the protection of photos that take past events into the future, and please share this article with your loved ones so that they too may benefit from this, and a good future article will be available for you here, so I urge you to report the website.

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