Use Of Knock Lock App For Android

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It is important to note: There are many lock applications on our website, we have selected all of them from play store and we are providing you with relevant information, on that basis this Knock Lock application is presented to you by us.

All the applications are following the policy when they are received through Play Store, so Google will remove the applications in our interest if they forget to follow that policy.

So, we want to tell you this first because this Knock Lock app is not available in Play Store, but if you want to lock your phone and get it from the best lock apps available in Google Play Store then click on this section and choose the app you need.

If you ask me if it’s necessary to lock our mobile, everyone will say without guessing that it is a very important thing, although all the existing lock applications are easily detectable even if the mobile is locked, in this case, we are going to look at a better Knock lock application that blinds others. There will be some discussions in this article regarding that, so you are sure to get a sweet experience in this article.

What to do if mobile is stolen?

In this day and age where mobile in general has become a subject that involves not only talking but also many changes, it is imperative that we keep it safe, while no matter how safe we ​​keep a few items, sometimes it is usually a thing to miss or steal from someone else, in such a situation It is very important that all of our information is secure.

For example, our mobile phone may be stolen, but if all our banking contents, important photos, videos, etc. are stolen, we will incur huge losses, and sometimes we will be forced to use a special Knock lock application to protect them as well.

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Best Knock lock App

An excellent Knock lock application is given below in this article, that application was taken from the Play Store, the official website, and it was created as per the instructions of Google, so you can use it without any hesitation.

With this application, you can keep your mobile phone safe even during normal times, for example, while charging the mobile or if you leave the mobile and go to take a bath, even in the smallest moments like this your friends, relatives and loved ones will have important information on your mobile phone safe. If our friends pick up our mobile, I think it would be nice if they do not open and look at some important information, in that case, this Knock lock application will help you, after reading all the information below clearly, you can start using it.

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Use Of Knock lock App For Android

Play Store Details Of Knock lock App

App Size9.2M
App RoleLock App
01/2022 Nowadays Installs5,000+
Offered ByVagmine Soft Team
Official WebsiteNA
Contact[email protected]
Application PolicyApp Privacy
  • This is really smart app lock
  • Provide the best security and make your apps safe from others
  • Take a snapshot of the person who entered the wrong password up to three times
  • Unlock sound enable/disable
  • Knock lock app: Create a pattern on knock to secure your phone screen. Also, you can hide that screen. So, None can see guess your pattern while unlocking the lock
  • Sound: If anyone enters the wrong password so the sound will be playing with that you understand that someone wants to unlock your phone
  • Forgot password: If you forgot your password then no need to worry. Go to forgot password and got mail to reset that password
  • User interface: There is a great user interface that you love the most

How to use or set a password in Knock lock App

  1. Download this application by following the link below
  2. and of all open and then enter your knock lock pattern
  3. Choose the application from the list which you want to make secure or provide an app lock.
  4. For Unlock: You have to tap your pattern on the invisible knock lock screen.

How to use or set a password in-app lock

  • You may have a more secure lock screen with the application.
  • You can select between 3-8 to knock the key
  • You can specify the location of the field to knock the lock screen
  • You can choose to turn off animation.
  • more secure lock screen with this application

You have no need to worry when giving your smartphone to friends and family when the Knock Lock app lock is installed in your phone. Create a pattern on knock to secure your phone screen. There are four knocks set in a square pattern.

Use Of Knock lock App For Android 2022

We hope you find our Knock Lock related information useful and that your information will be protected, and by looking at this “safe future” on our website you will learn more about security issues.

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