What Is Access Safe Indicator On Android

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Through this web article, we are going to talk about the information about Access Safe Indicator, i.e. how to know if someone is following us through the mobile we are using and how to use our mobile securely. This is a very important post, our web site article aims to provide an explanation of security for all mobile users, so read this article carefully.

What is the problem with mobile?

Nowadays it is very difficult to see a man who does not have a mobile, while that mobile is provided with special features like a camera and microphone, for example, the camera is used to take our photos of everything we go to, and our microphone is mostly used for sending voice SMS on social media sites, both of these are the same Does the job, i.e. does the job of recording the photo and voice, so that the more delicious experience we get, the more likely the damage is to happen.

For example, our mobile camera can also monitor us from the front, while at the same time being able to record our conversations through the microphone on our mobile, making it easy to start stealing much important information from people, so this matter needs attention.

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Best Access Safe Indicator App

We are here to help you with a great Access Safe Indicator application to help you in this matter, with this application you can ensure that your mobile is safe and you can make sure that the camera and microphone in your mobile are not manipulated by anyone other than you.

This Access Safe Indicator application is available on Gokul’s official website, Play Store, and has been used by many people. The application taken from the Play Store is all made as per the recommendation of Google, so he is sure of the safety of the people.

Best Place For Android App Installing

When you use a mobile phone, we recommend that you download all the applications you need only from the Google Play Store, as downloading the application from previously inexperienced websites is likely to steal a large amount of your information, so always be safe. Mobile is like a blade, it can be used to change our face beautifully, it can hurt us if it is handled improperly, just like our mobile, use it as needed and get many delicious experiences in life.

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Access Safe Indicator

Access Safe Indicator Details On Play Store

App Size5.3M
App RolePrivacy Indicators, hidden camera, safe app
01/2022 Nowadays Installs5,000+
RoleAccess Safe Indicator On Android
Offered ByCreative Photo Tool
Official Websitehttp://www.pin-genie.com/
Contact[email protected]
Application Policyhttps://creativephototool.blogspot.com/

Did you know that once you grant access to your phone’s camera or microphone to any third-party App, they can use it silently in the background?

Presenting Access Safe Dots adds the same iOS 14 style indicators (a few pixels light up as a dot) to the top right (default) corner of your screen whenever any third-party app or service uses your phone’s Camera or Microphone.

Configuring the App is as simple as enabling the Access Dots Accessibility Service (Toggle switch in the App > (More) Downloaded Services/Installed Services > Access Dots > Enable). By default, the App is configured to show iOS 14 style coloured access dots – green for camera access, orange for microphone access. The App itself does not request camera or microphone access.

Maintain an Access Log, which can be accessed from the App’s main settings screen. The Access Log shows when the camera/microphone was accessed, which App was in the foreground at the time of access initiation and how long did the access last.

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Access Dot also lets you add exempted apps, indicating the apps for which you do not want any alerts. Easily manage these apps with one tap (this feature is experimental & might not work reliably always on all devices).

This app requires Accessibility Service to detect and show alerts like iOS14. Without this, the app won’t work. So make sure that you enable Access Dot’s accessibility service.

  • The size of Access Dots can be adjusted.
  • Assign any colour to either of the Access Dots.
  • Set Position of Access Dots.
  • Display Access Dots whenever the phone’s camera/microphone is engaged by a third-party App.
  • On Android 10+, Access Dots by default stick beside your camera cutout (if your device has.) You can configure the location of Access Dots to the point of specifying X/Y coordinates.
  • Maintain an Access Log, which can be accessed from the App’s main settings screen.
  • The set colour of Access indicators.

How TO Use Access Safe Indicator App?

  1. First, download this application from Google’s official website using the link below
  2. Then this application may ask for some permission on your mobile and by allowing it you can get new experience in photos, videos, and Voice SMS
  3. We recommend that you use this application, after reading full article carefully

Note: Please make sure the App is whitelisted under any kind of optimization setting your device has, if the App is killed from the background by the System, you may have to restart the phone to get the Access Dots active again.

Access Safe Indicator  app

MD Jonayed: secure for me and it alerts me… nice apps… thank you…

We hope your mobile experience has been enhanced by this information we have provided, and we look forward to your further feedback and do not forget to leave a comment below.

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