Live Time Password Lock Screen

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We can keep the time of the clock on our mobile as the password of our mobile, the clock time on our mobile will change from time to time, then the password of your mobile will also change, after many benefits of doing this, we have to discuss it clearly in this web site article and related help for you Available here, so it is very important to lock your mobile with a special Live Time Password Lock method that contains a lot of information. We have been creating many good articles like this exclusively for mobile users and posting them daily, which is why we warmly welcome travellers with this article.

What is the benefit of Live Time Password Lock?

We lock in a variety of applications on mobile, for which many applications keep coming every day, although we often see applications that are easily found by the viewers, what we are going to recommend in this web article today is a very special Live Time that can match your mobile password with the time you have on your mobile watch. Password Lock application, this application is in the official website store, so you can be sure that it is a great application, it is worth noting that Google only suppresses a good application

More info on Live Time Lock

You may be wondering what could be so special about this Live Time Password Lock application, there are definitely many highlights, when we lock a key password into our mobile, it can be forgotten from time to time by our friends and relatives once in a while when we enter that password They will also have a chance to see and know it, but the minutes, times and seconds on your mobile watch will change day by day, so you can enter your password by looking at the size of your letter and open it, you can do this in the middle of it all, but there is no problem if everyone knows that password, The reason is that they do not know that we have our password at the right time on the clock on the mobile, maybe the mobile will not open if they try to re-enter the old me we entered, so this is an important point and the full explanation for this After reading the following article clearly, you can use and sleep on a voluntary basis.

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play store details of live clock lock

App Size20M
Nowadays Installs100,000+
Offered ByLinux Console
Official WebsiteVisit
Contact[email protected]
Application PolicyApp Privacy
How To UseApp Use

Just one touch to turn off and Live Time Password Lock Screen. Frequent use to turn the screen on/off can easily damage the phone’s hardware power button. We provide software buttons to replace it and extend its useful life. Live Time Password Lock Screen is an application that is used to secure your phone used by a third party. The best Live Time Password lock screen application, to help you protect your privacy, prevent others from trying to access your phone illegally.

• Support Break-in Alerts and know who is trying to break-in
• 100% safe and secure App Lock- Time Password
• Support Fingerprint
• Reverse Pin Modifier – Apply Reverse mode of your Current Lock whether it is your Current Time, Own Security Pin or Pin+ Current Time.
• Unlock vibration enable/disable.
• Change Lock screen background with attractive background wallpapers
• Enable or disable the Live Time Password screen lock anytime
• Time for Password is a tricky trap and create a dynamic password to improve the security
• Easy & useful app using current time password
• real-time password
• Time password phone lock is one the best, simple and secure app
• 12 hour and 24-hour format both supported.
• Unlock sound enable/disable.
• Support on most android phones.
• Pin + Minute Passcode – e.g. if you choose digit is 12 and the time is 01:45 your PIN will be 1245.
• Pin + Current Time Passcode – e.g. if your chosen digit is 45 and the time is 02:37 your PIN will be 450237.

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How to install, and use the time password app?

  1. If you want to download the Live Time Password Lock application you can follow the link below and go to the Play Store to download it.
  2. In addition, you will need permission to install this application first, you can only use it if you have given it, after reading everything clearly, we recommend allowing and using it only if you have the option.
  3. Finally, you will get the key features in this important application as you see in this web article if you did everything right.
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We hope that this information provided by us has been a tasty experience for all mobile users, so please share this information with your loved ones, and let them realize the important taste and protect the information.

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