Fantastic Screen: Revamp Your Phone’s Look with Call Screen Themes

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The new call theme for android application has many features like 100 different caller themes, 1000 different templates, and customize the call attendant screen.

Moreover, this call theme application has only been available for a few days, yes, it appeared on the Google Play Store only a few months before this article was published, and by then we had seen it and started using it because it attracted us to that extent.

And we think it might add more features in the future. So don’t miss the chance to switch from the old call screen theme application to the current latest caller’s theme application.

And it’s the best Google Play Store policy application, besides being an innovative application, it packs a lot of unique features and gives it to us for free. So, without delay let’s check out all the related clear explanations, developer comments, and download opportunities.

Note: Although the article is a bit long it is done to provide you with complete information, please read it patiently understand all the information and download and use it, this is our kind request, come and browse the website.

Android Caller Screen Themes App
Play Store Caller Screen Themes App

Play Store Call Screen Themes App

App WorkCall Theme
OfferedREMI Apps
Nowadays Downloads1K+
PublishedGoogle Play

Developer “REMI Apps” Opinion:

Feeling a sense of ennui with mundane call interfaces? Craving a transformation for your call screen? Aspire to elevate your call screen’s allure? Dive into the installation of the “Call Screen Theme” application and infuse your Call Screen with a dash of uniqueness.

Incoming Call Screen Theme App is a robust application, designed to embellish your call screen with an array of distinct call screen themes and color phone themes.

Innovations in the Call Screen Domain for Android:

  • Revamp your call screen aesthetics.
  • Access to a myriad of 500+ vibrant themes for call screens.
  • An extensive collection of 10,000+ color wallpapers tailored for call screens.
  • Tailor your call screen as per your preferences.
  • Personalize your phone call screen with a DIY approach.

Prominent Features of the Screen Themes Application:

  • A diverse palette of 100+ call screen themes categorized into Anime, 3D Games, Neon, Cute, Black and White, Vintage, Halloween, Spider-Man, and Christmas themes.
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface.
  • Immersive live wallpapers for both incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Access to a wealth of 10,000+ colorful wallpapers at no cost.
  • Efficient speed dial feature for swift calls.
  • Diverse selection of captivating call screen themes.
  • Amp up the vibrancy of your call screen with lively call theme previews.
  • Effortless data retrieval through the auto-save feature and easy template access in the color-themed screen history.
  • A peek into the call history with the Call History Viewer.
  • Regular updates with new templates and call buttons every month, ensuring a fresh experience.

Contact Features of the Screen Themes App:

  • Comprehensive display of your contacts.
  • Rapid and convenient phone contact search.
  • Efficient calling using the search contact function.

Dialer Features of the Screen Themes Application:

  • A simple yet elegant dialer for seamless calling.
  • Quick access to frequently dialed contacts.
  • Support for dual SIM cards with the option to select the desired SIM for calling.

Personalized Caller Screen Themes:

  • A streamlined process for crafting your unique call screen.
  • Access to an expansive collection of 10,000+ free colorful wallpapers for your call screen.
  • Personalize your call screen using your own images.
  • Choose from a diverse set of 100+ call button themes, allowing you to customize the ‘Accept’ and ‘Decline’ button styles.

Demo Photos of Caller Animation Screen

  • Caller Animation Screen
  • Caller Animation Screen App
  • Android Caller Animation Screen
  • Play Store Caller Animation Screen App
  • TnShorts Caller Animation Screen
  • Best Caller Animation Screen App

What Makes “Call Screen App” the Optimal Choice?

1) User-friendly interface ensuring data security
2) A vast array of 100+ call screen templates to adorn your phone screen
3) Tailorable and captivating caller screen themes to elevate the call screen’s coolness factor. Swift access to contacts and effortless call searching

Note: Embark on the journey of enhancing your phone call screen by downloading the Android Call Screen Theme application!

How to Navigate the Call Screen Theme Application?

1) Download and install the incoming Call Screen Theme application.
2) Make sure to set this app as your default phone app to transform your call screen.
3) For contact searches, utilize the “Contact” tab.
4) For making calls, access the “Dialer” tab.
5) For leveraging available call screen templates, explore the “Template” tab.
6) For crafting a personalized call screen, simply tap the (+) button.
7) To review your downloaded or self-created templates, visit the “Saved” tab.

Now, revel in witnessing the stylish call screen with the chicest call theme colors upon receiving an incoming call.

Get the Color Phone Call Screen Theme app today and immerse yourself in an array of mesmerizing caller screen themes! Embellish your call screen and render it truly distinctive.

Safety and Privacy:

Our paramount concern is safeguarding your information’s confidentiality. We neither collect nor share any personal data. The permissions requested by the app are solely for the purpose of app functionality and seamless user experience.

  • Setting Phone as Default: Your consent is necessary to modify the device’s default call screen and display recent calls.
  • READ_CONTACTS, WRITE_CONTACTS: Display contact list
  • READ_PHONE_STATE, CALL_PHONE, ANSWER_PHONE_CALLS: Enable app to access phone state and answer incoming calls to display the call screen of the app.
Caller Screen Themes
Caller Screen Themes

Call Screen App Download

The best way is to go to the play store and download the call screen app android application, because we know that when we go there and download it, we will get the original application, we will get the recommendation in the play store, and we will get the correct update.

So those who don’t know also give it a chance to go there and only we will recommend it, it is given below in two ways, let’s see.

For the people who are coming to install the Android call screen application, we are allowing them to go directly to the Play Store from this article in the first part, for that the information that we have given in this article should satisfy your mind, if you are satisfied then click on this part.

The second part is the part that incorporated the comments made by the developer without modification, and that part is in a different article on our website. So, after accessing that article and reading it if you want you can go to the Play Store and click the green button below to access it. And it is important to note that both of these are created by us spending a lot of time only for your better understanding.

Can I use my own image for the call screen?

Yes, you can personalize your call screen by using your own image. Here’s how:

1) Open the “Color Phone: Call Screen Theme” app.
2) Navigate to the “Template” tab and tap the (+) button to create a new template.
3) Select the option to use your picture for the call screen and follow the prompts to set it up.

Are the incoming call screen themes app regularly updated?

Absolutely! The call screen themes are updated on a monthly basis, ensuring a fresh and vibrant collection for users to choose from. Keep an eye out for new templates and call buttons each month.

How can I access the contact features of the call theme app?

Accessing contacts is easy with the “Color Phone: Call Screen Theme” app:

Open the app and navigate to the “Contact” tab to view your complete contact list.
Use the search function to quickly find the contacts you need for making a call.

Is my personal information secure when using this app?

Yes, your privacy and data security are our top priorities. We do not collect or share any personal information. The permissions requested are solely for the app’s functionality and to enhance user experience.

Can I use this call theme app with dual SIM cards?

Absolutely! The Call Screen Theme app supports dual SIM cards, allowing you to select the desired SIM when making a call. It offers convenient functionality for users with multiple SIMs.

Developer: We extend our gratitude for choosing to download and employ our app! and should you have any suggestions or encounter challenges, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected]. Thank you!

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