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Usually we think that the mobile phone we pay for should be used safely for many days. But you know? Even one mistake we make has the potential to spoil the life of the mobile.

Yes, the biggest mistake is not disconnecting the cable even after the mobile charge is complete, this website article is a great battery announcer opportunity to avoid this.

That is, this battery full announcer option will give you the opportunity to remove your mobile charge completely immediately, notify you of that notification.

What is a charge remover alarm?

Generally we operate the mobile only with the help of electricity, if there is no electricity we cannot use our mobile. So from time to time we need to charge the mobile and for that there is a special charging adapter.

Therefore, whenever we connect the mobile in it, it takes some time to get full, once the charge is complete, we have to disconnect it, without disconnecting it, the electricity continues to flow in our mobile (mobile battery).

If there is then its life span is reduced and thus the mobile work capacity is also wasted. A battery charging announcer application like this is used to avoid this. That way this application will notify you with a sound immediately when the charge is complete.

Best charge alarm Android app?

Although there are many such full charge alarm android applications, we recommend you get the application only through play store, the mobile applications we get are the policy following applications in play store, you can see the list of them in this website article.

So choose (discussed in this article) and continue to travel to the opportunity to download this charge alarm android application.

Part for you: This website article is very long, while I have faith in this application and Google Play Store, if you think I want to download it directly, click here.

Full Details Of Battery Announcer App

App Size9MB
RoleCharger Remove Alarm App
Nowadays Installs50K+
Released onSep 12, 2022
Offered ByBacktracking Technologies

Battery Announcer lightweight app that notifies the user at user-defined battery levels. With the help of this app, you can know about your battery level without looking at your mobile.

Charger Announcer announces when the charger is connected or disconnected and also notifies when the battery is fully charged.

Main Features Of Battery Alarm app

  • Battery Information
  • Battery Technology.
  • Battery Temperature.
  • Battery Voltage.
  • Charging Status.
  • Type of charging.

More Details of charge alarm app

BublishedGoogle Play Store
Official Website
Contact[email protected]
Application Policy
Address309 Kalimahal, Mughalsarai, U.P. (232101) India

Battery Announcement:

  • Announces battery levels.
  • Announces when the battery is low.
  • Battery full charge alarm.
  • Announces when charger is connected or disconnected.

Announcement Settings:

  • Works with any TTS (Text to Speech) engine.
  • Announces in various languages (TTS supported).
  • Works in all modes (Ring, Silent, Vibrate).
  • Set volumes for the battery.

Similar apps

Battery Announcer

How does battery full charge alarm android app work?

There are many such charge alarm android applications, each with its own unique capabilities and options.

In that way, this full charge alarm android application includes many options, even if it is a case of notifying you when your mobile is fully charged and advising you to remove the cable.

How to install android battery announcer?

All such battery full announcer applications are better to go to play store and install them, that is the best option for an android user.

Because play store is a site that cares more about users, the way to get there is provided on our website.

Custom Charging Screen Apps

Battery Announcer

Let’s talk about smart announcer call time & battery!

We recommend many such Battery Announcer applications, the list of those applications is given in between this article, check it out.

Also, you can use it to unplug your phone when it is fully charged, for example, if you sleep or take a shower after charging, it will call you to let you know that your phone is fully charged.

Use this Battery Announcer application which will help you a lot and recommend it to your neighbors, friends etc. Stay tuned to our website team for future great articles.

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