Full Battery Charge Alarm

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Usually when we connect our phone to the electricity to charge it, our phone doesn’t let us know that the charge is complete, at such moments the electricity continues to flow to our phone.

So, the battery life of our phone may end soon, in this article you are going to get a great help to prevent this.

Full Battery Charge Alarm

One of the main features of the mobile phone is that it provides a lot of help to the human being, whereas the mobile battery is the one that can store the electricity needed to run the mobile phone, and whenever it runs out, we keep charging it from time to time.

While charging in this way we have to cross the cable once the charge is complete, otherwise the current will continue to flow, thus shortening the life of the phone very quickly, while increasing the chances of it wasting away sooner.

People face this loss and this Full Battery Charge Alarm application is used to prevent that thing and notify us when the charge is full in the mobile.

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What is the highlight of this application?

That is, after charging a battery of any product, they use it for a while and leave it all, but when we buy a mobile, we charge it and then we continue to use it, there is no rest for a mobile.

A mobile battery that is constantly working in a mobile phone of that size, while it is useful to charge it periodically, its safety also needs to be taken care of. This Full Battery Charge Alarm application is used to take the first place as much as possible in stopping all the things that give it unnecessary burden.

How does this application work?

To see how this application works, we will try to charge the phone, while doing so it is necessary to disconnect it from the cable after it is complete.

Maybe if you don’t know the charge is complete when you charge before you go to sleep and you fall asleep, then the electricity at dawn will continue to flow through the mobile batteries, which will shorten the life of the mobile battery.

In such a case it will be helpful to notify you immediately when the charge is complete, and not only this, this Full Battery Charge Alarm application.

Note: The key proof that this is a great application is that it is picked up from Play Store and recommended to you, so use it. Also we have created a section on our website to clearly understand and download all related information, the opportunity to reach it is given below. There will be all the information related to it, read it clearly, download it and use it.

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Full Battery Charge Alarm

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