Best Charger Remove Alarm Application

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When we put our mobile for charging, many times we forget, for example, we forget to remove it even after our mobile battery is fully charged, an incident like this often happens, thus we are likely to cause great loss.

Do I need a Charger Remove Alarm Application?

This means that your mobile battery will soon become inactive and it is very important to prevent this. Today we are going to look at a special Charger Remove Alarm Application post for this. This application will make a call to you when the battery in your mobile is fully charged.

This will make you realize that your mobile is fully charged and you can immediately remove your mobile charger, which will extend the battery life of your mobile.

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Charger Remove Alarm App Play Store

We have written this web site article thinking that this information will be very useful for all mobile users. And the application that we recommend for you is on the official website of the Play Store, so you can use it without fear as this application was created on the recommendation of Google.

The comment made by the creator of this application is that you have the opportunity to download it all. Please read this carefully in my web article below.

Best Charger Remove Alarm Application

About Of Charging Unplug Alarm On Play Store

App Size12M
12/2021 Nowadays Installs5,000+
Offered BySR system
Official WebsiteVisit
Contact[email protected]
Application PolicyApp Privacy
How To UseApp Use

If you are charging your phone at a public place while traveling, then someone can snatch your phone and run away.

While traveling using the phone we communicate with your family, we translate our language to the local language, with online maps we find different locations. But without the phone, we may face difficulty in doing those things.

So the Charging Unplug Alarm app can solve this problem. This app is an anti-theft protector and has a charging theft alarm that rings if your phone is unplugged from charging.

Key features of the Charging Unplug Alarm app

PIN & pattern protection: You have to set a pin or pattern, so others can’t open this app for turning off the charging theft alarm.

Vibrate during an alarm: It will give a little bit of discomfort in the hands of thieves.

Flash during an alarm: When the flash will blink along with the charging theft alarm, then it will be able to draw the attention of other people more easily.

Intruder selfie: Using your phone’s front camera, the app will capture a photograph of the thief.

Next time when you are traveling and putting your mobile phone at a charging point, make sure that the charging unplugs alarm is turned on to protect your mobile phone from theft.

Charger Remove Alarm Application

How To Use Charger Remove Alarm App?

  1. Click on the link below to download this application from the Play Store, the official website of Google
  2. Next, choose a password that suits you, and let it be a password that is not easily detected.
  3. Our congratulations to you, you have done successfully it, you will easily know if anyone else tries to pick up your mobile which is no longer charging

We hope you find this post very helpful and use this application to make your mobile battery last longer.

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