Why Use Status Post Scheduler for WhatsApp

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In this website article, we are going to see some discussions about whether it is right or wrong to use the option to automatically upload status video in WhatsApp applications and some related apps.

In general, WhatsApp status video is something that attracts everyone, that is, we cannot see people who do not have WhatsApp application, if they are mobile, they must use WhatsApp.

Although we have many things and many help in this WhatsApp, status video is a video that can be created in a way that attracts others and expresses one’s mood.

Changing this from time to time is a habit we can see humans in, and it is only when we ask the question of whether we can use an application that can do this automatically that many doubts arise.

Is this correct?

Many such applications are used along with WhatsApp so that their needs are fulfilled and their favorite things happen.

However, WhatsApp Company does not always accept this, and you should be aware that you are solely responsible for the use of certain non-recommended applications.

So what is the solution to this?

When we look for the right solution for this we can say that a great application is one that you can use in conjunction with an Android application available on a trusted website.

Generally in this website article we have attached below an application related to it, it is recommended to get it from the official website Play Store.

Below we have attached some photos taken from there, the comments that made the application, and maybe you can use it according to your own preference if you like it.

Note: But we recommend you read all the relevant information.

Play Store Details

App Size24MB
RoleStatus Scheduler for WhatsApp
Nowadays Installs50,000+
Offered BySiritop
Official WebsiteVisit
Contact[email protected]
Application PolicyApp Privacy
AddressNairobi, Kenya Kiambu County Thika Town P.O BOX 3612, Thika Postal Code 01000

Ever wanted to share a WhatsApp status with your friends at a later time? Status Scheduler does that for you.

Whether it is a cool Christmas status that you would like to post on Christmas day or wish a friend a happy birthday, you should never worry about forgetting about it on D-Day. You can simply schedule it and Status Scheduler will do the rest for you.

WhatsApp Statuses that you schedule to run within 15 minutes close to each other will be automatically merged and will be shared at the same time.

Status Scheduler allows you to schedule photos, and videos as well as text to your statuses. We also give you the option to review your scheduled statuses. Once a status has been shared with your contacts, it will be removed from the list of scheduled statuses.

The status scheduler also supports the different modded WhatsApp versions:

  • GBWhatsApp
  • YoWhatsApp
  • WhatsApp Plus
  • WhatsApp Go
  • FmWhatsApp
  • WhatsApp
  • Aero among and etc.

In addition, we allow users to choose if they want to share their WhatsApp status with other app users. This feature can be switched on/off when setting up a status.

Permissions: This app uses accessibility permission for automation. Without accessibility permission, this app will not be able to automatically post a status on your behalf.

Story Split, Save StatusNo Status Saver Image & Video
Long Status Split videosFull Status Video Splitter
Status Post Scheduler for WhatsApp app TN Shorts
Image Source: Play Store
best Status Post Scheduler for WhatsApp TN Shorts
Image Source: Play Store
Status Post Scheduler for WhatsApp TN Shorts
Image Source: Play Store
Why Use Status Post Scheduler for WhatsApp app TN Shorts
Image Source: Play Store

How does it work?

Status Post Scheduler for WhatsApp

It is important to note that after installing it, you will have to give some permissions, only if you give it, this application will automatically change your WhatsApp status video for a certain period of time.

You can find detailed explanations about this in the creator’s comments on the website.

How to download?

While recommending the application we will focus on recommending through a good website.

That way in this article we have given you the option to go directly to the Play Store and download it, take advantage of it.

Why Use Status Post Scheduler for WhatsApp
Full Video Status UploaderUnseen status and No Last Seen
Status Bar & Notch CustomNo Crop DP and Status

Let’s talk about something!

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