What Are Long Status Split videos for Whatsapp?

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Most of the time nowadays people are more and more interested in posting status videos on social media sites. Matching WhatsApp status videos is a favourite of everyone, although WhatsApp allows a certain amount of it in the application, while some prefer to increase it. Use some applications for Long Status Split videos topic and fall asleep, some discussions related to it and come to know that it is ok.

What is the use of the Long Status Split videos App?

Mobile is more than just a collection of social media applications, that amount of everyone is entertaining in entertainment applications, adapting photos to videos as profiles and status videos accordingly, longing for apps like this to get some of the highlights.

Why use Whatsapp Long Status Split videos App

Currently taking the WhatsApp application, for example, it is not recommended to work with such long Status Split videos applications, although people are still using it for their own needs, which is the pleasure available in it.

This means that those who want to show the status of their mind as the biggest video type status, want to paste it into their WhatsApp application as a status video, for which such applications are recommended.

Note: However, when we search with the intention of giving you a better Long Status Split videos application in this web article, we have taken an application from the official website Play Store, however, we recommend downloading and using it after seeing it as we have given a clear explanation about it below.

No Crop DP and StatusDeleted Messages Recovery
Change Profile PictureFull Video Status Uploader

play store details of the Long status app

App Size11M
Role30 Sec – Split videos for Whatsapp Status
Nowadays Installs500,000+
Offered ByTeamB
Official WebsiteSite
Contact[email protected]
Application PolicyApp Privacy
How To UseApp Use

Tired of tailoring long videos for WhatsApp status?

We take the burden of splitting the video into seamless 30-second clips and sending it to your WhatsApp status in a single click.

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How to download the Long Status Split application?

  1. Below is the opportunity to go to download the application, which can be downloaded directly,
  2. It is worth noting that when installing this on mobile it will ask for some permission to do the job you are given to do properly.
  3. This application will give you the change you think after all things are done right, its functionality should only be inclusive.
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30 Sec - Split videos for Whatsapp Status

We hope everyone who is looking for some of the worst video applications to get the most out of mobile apps will also get help with some great advice in this website article, so please share this article in your Whatsapp groups too.

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