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People are more addicted to mobile, we can see this concept all over the world and we can’t get away from it because we are doing so many things on mobile now.

But a great opportunity to protect ourselves and our children from this can be seen in the website article, which is taken and recommended by Google Play Store.

It is nothing but an ordinary Unlock Keep Me Focused application, it is said that when you unlock your phone, your thinking will work for a few seconds, then you can engage in the necessary things and avoid being addicted to the phone.

Note: We have provided detailed information about this below, including creator’s comments and photos, please see and benefit from them clearly.

Play Store Details

App Size4MB
RoleKeep Me Focused
Nowadays Installs5000+
Offered ByJoeLabs
Official WebsiteVisit
Contact[email protected]
Application PolicyApp Privacy
AddressAlexandria, Egypt

stop wasting your time, keep me focused will help you beat your phone addiction when you need to be focused on something like your study, work, or when you hang out with your friends.

lock yourself out of your device for a specific period and allow yourself to focus and be more productive.

keep me focused will lock you out completely from your device for the specific time you have chosen even if you restart your phone, but you will have access to the lock screen to make emergency calls any time.

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Unlock Keep Me Focused app android TN Shorts
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Unlock Keep Me Focused paly store TN Shorts
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Unlock Keep Me Focused TN Shorts
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How does it work?

Once you install it, the lock mechanism on your home screen can be activated in a completely different way, i.e., when you open the lock, it will open after a few seconds, and by then your mind will be diverted to something else.

This means that you can focus on study-related matters, office-related matters, etc., and avoid being addicted to the mobile phone.

How to download Unlock Keep Me Focused?

The opportunity to install it is given below on the website, take advantage of it and you can go to the official website play store and download it.

Unlock - Keep Me Focused
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Let’s talk!

We recommend several apps for mobile, all of which are taken from the Play Store, while Unlock Keep Me Focused app is recommended to you as we find it to be a must-use app for everyone.

We have designed this article with the intention of sharing with you when you hear a word that can help you avoid mobile addiction, and if you find it right, share it with your friends.

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