Light Torch Vault Flashlight

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It is normal for us to hide important photos and videos on our mobile phones that we think should not be seen by others, but it is a very special thing to hide them from others so you can see the opportunity to do this in this web article.

Torch Vault Flashlight

That means Torchlight is a commonly used application on mobile, it can be used for lighting, viewers will think so, but this application can hide your important photos, videos, etc. in the back, has designed a secret room for you that size so special that you can use it.

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Best Torch Vault App

This application is recommended for you to download directly from the official web site Play Store, and we have gathered for you the complete information about this application in one place and you will have the opportunity to reach that part at the end of this article.

How does this application work?

It was designed with a special way of looking like a torchlight that you would normally use to view, but in the back of it you can create a secret room by fitting your password and hiding your important photos and documents.

Light Torch Vault Flashlight

Click on the link below to access the Torch Vault Flashlight info section from the Play Store, where you will also have the opportunity to download it for further details.

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