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We try to hide the important photos and videos etc. in the mobile, but we make the mistake of doing it so that others do not know what we have hidden, this website article has treasured the opportunity to handle this matter easily, let’s surf the web.

What is the Dialpad Vault App used for?

In today’s age we can hardly see a person without a mobile phone, while it is a daily activity of people to take a lot of photos on their mobile phones, including some photos and videos that they cannot share with their friends and relatives.

For example a photo taken with the girlfriend before the wedding can not be shared with anyone until the wedding, we need to store such photos for future good experiences. But this Dialpad Vault App helps to hide the fact that we are hiding.

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How does this application work?

This application is a dialpad application, normally you can make phone calls with other people by entering 0 to 9 digit numbers, but in this you can enter your secret number to a room screen at the back and hide all your documents in that room very precisely. Others can easily guess that there is a secret room in the back of it, in which your information is hidden, that size works best.

How to choose the best application?

Before choosing an application we should definitely check what is recommended on that site and we are not missing even a cent in that regard.

That means we have selected a Dialpad Vault App from the official web site Play Store, and we have created a great section to provide you with information related to that application, which will take you to another website of ours where you will find an information section containing all the relevant information and photos before using this application, You can read it clearly and download it.

DIALPAD PHOTO Vault Locker Hide

Click on the link above to reach the section related to the application you have discussed in this section, take some time there and find out the information related to this application that meets your needs.

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