Black Screen Tips For Android

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We use various applications for the security of the mobile and we pay a lot of attention to ensure that no one else can use our mobile.

However, there are many mistakes in this and there is an opportunity for others to take our mobile and use it, and you are going to find an opportunity to escape from this completely in this website article.

That is, whenever the moment comes when we part with our phone or we feel that other people are trying to take it, you can do the thing suggested in this website article, so that your phone cannot be used by anyone who takes it.

It took us many hours to find a great helper, this helper turns your phone completely black, no matter what you do, no one will know what’s on the phone’s display, so others won’t have a chance to use it.

What is its ability?

How it works is slightly different, for example many applications that we normally use can lock the phone with a fingerprint, number, etc.

But, it turns black all over the mobile and no matter what we do it won’t unlock, only we know the explanation, we can unlock the mobile only if we think.

Below are some examples of how this works.

  • Makes the screen perfect black (#000000)
  • Hides notification panel.
  • Hides navigation buttons.
  • Prevents screen from sleeping.

If you ask if it is really necessary then surely it is something that we need in this era, we store all our important secrets in mobile and in such moment it is our duty to protect mobile from others.

Therefore, we have tried to give you an opportunity that is special among all, and that is the beginning of this article.

How does it work?

This application works completely differently, it hides all the things in your phone from prying eyes with a black screen, no one can open and use your phone.

It can be used while you are sleeping, taking a bath, or even when you are away from your phone.


The option to download the application is directly available on the play store, the option to go there is given in this article written by us, and it is best to go and download this application on the play store.

Black Screen Tips For Android
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My opinion

If the question in your mind is whether we should protect the mobile with such applications, the answer is definitely yes.

The reason is that in today’s era, mobile carries all the details of a person, so much so that a person carries a mobile with him and records what he needs.

If that is the case, he must protect it, there may be some information on the phone that even our relatives and friends should not see, so we recommend this application to you because we think it will be helpful for you.

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