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Nowadays, we share a lot of information through SMS, even after I share it, if someone other than us sees the information we have sent, its confidential nature will be revealed, which can cause many problems in many moments.

Our website is designed to provide better assistance in this matter.

Usually, we design many such articles, all covering applications for mobile users.

All those applications are taken from google play store and that’s how we bring this application to you.

What is this application for?

When you share a message with your friends, relatives or office people, it is easier for others to understand when you send the message in a specific language.

But when you write and send it with a coding, only if you tell others how to read it, no one else can read it.

In that case your information will be completely safe, only the person you want can read it and no one will understand its meaning, that’s how this application works.

Note: Below we have provided all the related photos and comments by the creator, see it clearly and download and enjoy.

play store details

18App Size1MB
RoleEncrypt Decrypt
Nowadays Installs5000+
Offered ByPSPL – Poornadwait Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Official WebsiteVisit
Contact[email protected]
Application PolicyApp Privacy

With this app you can encrypt your text with setting a password to it. You can also decrypt the encrypted text with the password used at the time of encryption.

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How does it work?

For example, if you are sending a message to a friend, first write the message in the Text Message Encrypt Decrypt application.

Then it will give you a four-way coding, and your friend should also have this application installed while sending the coffee.

When you tell him what you copied and sent in those four codings, the actual message will appear when he enters your coding in the same place, making it a very secure way to get your message across.

How to register?

The option to download the application is in a button on the website, clicking on that button will take you directly to the Play Store.

There you can install and use it in the home area of ​​this application, more security when installing through play store, and when updates are available from time to time.

Text Message Encrypt Decrypt
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My opinion

Feel free to share when sharing messages through mobile and don’t be afraid of anyone.

No one can understand but you, we are proud to help you with this Text Message Encrypt Decrypt topic and hope it helps a lot.

Share safe text message with everyone, share this article to your loved one and let them also use this security shield.

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