I Button Torch Vault [Photo, Video Lock]

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Facing difficulties to hide all your important photos, resources on mobile?

Is it easy for others to find out, even if you hide it?

Due to the occurrence of such incidents, there is a possibility of much distress and resentment.

Why is this explained now?

For example, in the present era, man stores everything that can be thought of as an important resource through his mobile, and the mobile travels with him as a great asset.

It stores all kinds of resources, including some photos, videos, PDF documents, etc.

He doesn’t hesitate to do this, he trusts the phone to such an extent that if he loses it, he feels as if he has lost half of himself.

A man who considers a phone of that size as a good companion and half of his body will think of storing and protecting the information contained in it.

The reason we started this!

We felt that he is not getting the best help when he wants to hide some information on his mobile that he thinks should not be seen by others, that’s why we started to design a great article.

The highlight of this article is that no matter who you give your phone to, no one will know about your documents that you have secretly hidden in it.

It means that one does not know what is hidden, only if one knows one will try to open it, so it can be done very secretly.

For this we have selected one of the best applications from the play store, this I Button Torch Vault application works great.

It looks like a normal flashlight, but it has a secret vault at the back where you can hide all your information from prying eyes.

How does it work?

The way this application works is completely different, you can use it whenever you need a torch on your phone.

But, by pressing and holding a button on it, a box will open later, in which you can store all the information you need and keep it hidden, a secret that no one will know.

How to download it?

Below we have given two different options to download the I Button Torch Vault application and know more information about it.

After seeing it you can directly go to the play store and download it from there you will get updates from time to time.

I Button Torch Vault
Torch Vault-Hide AppLight Torch Vault
Compass VaultSafe Calendar

My opinion

A mobile is a thing to be protected, as much as a man stores his information in it.

So, this website article is designed with a purpose to save and keep the information safe and secure, if you have the same purpose then share this with your friends.

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