Why Use Torch Vault-Hide App?

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We use a variety of applications on the mobile we use, one of the most important of which is the Vault-Hide app, which helps to hide our videos and important photos from the eyes, a clear description of Vault-Hide.

And how to hide your photos and videos from the eyes with the Torchlight Vault-Hide. Discussion about placing is to take place in this article, if you have the option you can start the journey with our article and learn more information.

Why use the Vault-Hide app?

The present era has become a time when we travel with mobile, and on mobile, we take everything and store all kinds of photos wherever we go.

And these photos include photos of our loved ones, such photos we want to hide from the eyes of others, so photos that we think to hide is a classic Concealment with the Vault-Hide application is very convenient.

Front Camera Wrong PasswordPicture Password
App lock OK ButtonAccess Safe Indicator

For example, the application we are going to see today is Torch Vault-Hide Gallery’s Photos, video, which has the power to hide all the photos and videos on your mobile, this application is on the official website of Google.

So all the additional information about this application is available on our website, it You can use it only if you like watching and reading.

Because this Vault-Hide Gallery’s Photos, the video application is made as per Google’s recommendation, you can use it without fear.

Best Vault-Hide Gallery’s Photos, video App

The question may arise as to why photos and videos should be hidden, but it would be better for some photos and videos not to be seen by others, as it is likely to cause a lot of problems if known at home before the wedding in a situation where there is a photo of our girlfriend or boyfriend, I made this example to make you understand Only for the sake of want.

And since all the additional information to see this application is given at the bottom of our article, do not forget to read it and you will have the opportunity to download it below in our article.

It is important to note that all of the information below is the information provided by the creator of this Torch Vault-Hide application, all of which was taken from Google’s official website, the Play Store.

Hidden Chat CurtainNotepad Secret Vault
Photo Touch Lock PasswordAudio Manager Vault
Why Use Torch Vault-Hide App

Play Store Details Of Torch Vault App

App Size3.1M
01/2022 Nowadays Installs500,000+
Offered ByJeilleeiJoubM
Official WebsiteVisit
Contact[email protected]
Application PolicyApp Privacy
How To UseApp Use

This app is disguised itself as the Torch app which can be used to turn On/Off LED lights. and if you long press on Torch title The actual Vault will be open.

Hide and save your photos/videos from your phone gallery and easily access them using Passcode or Finger lock(If available on your phone) in the torch vault app.

Main Features Of Application

Hide photos and videos
Save notes
Hide Audio files
Passcode & Fingerprint unlock

How To Use Torch Vault-Hide App?

Use the link below to download this application.

This application may ask for some permissions on your mobile, you can only allow and use it if you wish.

Finally, you can hide all your photos and videos with Torch Vault-Hide

It’s an easy and smart way to hide your personal photos and videos.

Why Use Torch Vault-Hide App 2022

Romila Khundrapum: It’s a good app You can hide your everything and anything which you would love to but you had to set a password and that’s the plus point

Another is that you can have another fake password to fool others that will show up nothing unless you hide under a fake password… it’s an amazing app… I love it

My Opinion

Hide all Gallery’s photos, videos on your mobile with Torch Vault-Hide information, we hope you find it useful to have a pleasant experience.

So please share your thoughts with us in the comment box below, we will reply soon, and bookmark our website for good articles. We ask for prayer.

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