Charger Plug Alert

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Did you know that when charging the mobile phone we have to disconnect the cable immediately after it reaches 100% otherwise the battery life of the mobile phone will be used up.

If you are one of those who feel this way, come on, there is a boon waiting for you on this website.

That is, a mobile is an electronic device, the main role of that electronic device is electricity, and the storage of that electricity is the battery.

We connect the charging cable from time to time to charge that battery, but sometimes we don’t notice that the charge is complete and the electricity continues to flow in the phone.

Then there is a possibility that the mobile phone will be wasted soon, many people search for many things to avoid this matter, some people leave their mobile phone with the possibility of getting ruined soon without being aware of this matter.

We have designed this website article to avoid this issue and provide a better idea and help regarding this.

Should we disconnect the cable once the mobile charge is complete?

This thing happens in many moments like when you are going to shower or charging your phone while sleeping and we don’t know until after it is full.

We don’t get any message or alarm to inform us, then we have to face many problems when we keep doing this mistake.

Among those problems, the main issue is our battery drain, so to avoid this issue we are going to recommend the best android Unplug Alert app on this website.

This mobile application is also you will get little doubts because it is doubt whether we are doing this right or wrong with the application.

For example, the application that we recommend is absolutely outstanding and we have given the details about it in a few lines below.

  • This application is taken from the official website Play Store.
  • All applications from Play Store ensure the security of the mobile.
  • Also, the Play Store gets deleted from the Play Store from time to time for the wrong applications.
  • Besides, many people are using this application.
  • Importantly, this application does not occupy much space on the mobile.

You should definitely protect your phone with this feature-packed thing, and at some point even the seemingly trivial thing turns out to be a big problem.

In that way, this Battery Charge Unplug thing is one thing, because the mobile works only if there is a battery, whereas it is necessary to protect the mobile battery.

The main reason for wasting mobile battery!

When charging the mobile continuously for some time, the current continues to flow, then the mobile battery gets wasted quickly, its performance decreases and there is a possibility of explosion. We believe that this website article will surely help you to avoid all these.

So the quest for top mobile battery protection is not to disconnect the cable after completion, so it needs a lot of attention.

How does this app work?

After you install this application and give some permission asked, it will take care that whenever your mobile gets charged it gets 100% full.

It is designed in such a way that it makes a sound every now and then and urges you to remove the charging cable.

How to install?

Installing this Unplug Alert app is very easy, just click on the below link to install it, then it will take you to the play store.

Apart from that, we have also designed our website to provide you with a clear view of all the information available on the Play Store, which you can access below. Get all information clear and download and avail

Charger Plug Alert
Charging PhotoBattery Sound
Error LockCharge Sound

my word

A mobile phone is an important thing, we use it according to our needs, but it is important that we take care of its health.

Many times we forget this, so we suggest you this web article keeping this matter in mind.

Because we always consider you as good friends, if you also want to help your friends then share this article with them, everyone will use their mobile safely.

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