Black Screen Home Button: Without Wake

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Sometimes even the most effortful creation of a thing fails, but even a very simple (playfully) method can yield great success. That way, even if you lock your phone with many tricks, others will easily try to unlock it.

But those who try to unlock the phone with some (simple) brainless methods are easily fooled, this article has a black screen lock application that can help.

Black Screen Home Button is a complete trick to keep your phone safe and secure from others. That means no one will even try to open it and will think that the mobile is switched off without charging.

We have found such a unique Black Screen Home Button application from Play Store. We have already posted some such Black Screen Lock applications and we have included this article to give you a chance to check them out.

Note: Below is some information collected based on the date of publication of this article. Then directly go to this application section and download and use it.

Play Store Details

App Size1MB
RoleBlack Screen Lock
Nowadays Installs5000+
Released onMay 17, 2020
Offered Bybinarybox
Official WebsiteNA
Contact[email protected]
Application Policy

As per the user’s request, we are introducing another variant of the Black Screen Home Button app.


  1. Black Screen
  2. Screen will sleep after the phone’s default display timeout.

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How to install Black Screen Home Button Lock app?

To install this app, you need to go to the home page of this application, that home page is in the play store, and you can go there and install it, the way to do it is suggested in our website article.

You will get better advice when you install directly from the play store, while it is important to note that only applications that follow play store policy get space in the play store. So that’s what we recommend because future best advice and updates will be available to you from there.

How does the Black Screen Home Button App work?

It is important to note that this application is a screen lock application, the home page of your mobile phone will turn completely black, it will look like your mobile is switched off, and it will not allow you to try to unlock it.

So those who want to unlock it will easily fail and will not even attempt it, thus the claim is that your mobile is fully protected.

Black Screen Home Button
Sensor Screen LockVoice Screen Lock
Time Screen LockFake Screen Lock

Let’s talk about the Black Screen Home Button!

Even if we lock the phone with various types of locks, all those applications protect the phone as we thought, even if our relatives, friends, or people who take our phone without our permission can try to unlock it.

But we need to protect our phones with a Black Screen Home Button app without even trying, that’s why to lock your phone with this black screen lock app, no one can pick up your phone (your display won’t work) it will look completely black, how to unlock it Only you know the secret.

So, this is the Black Screen Home Button application for you, share your feedback about it with us and we will answer it. Please share this website article with your friends and family. Thank you for your patient reading and see you in the next article.

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