Mobile Sensor Screen Lock

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The sensor plays a very important role in all mobiles, with this we control our mobile display and do many things, this sensor is capable of doing very important work.

For example if you are talking to someone on the phone, the sensor will automatically detect when you bring your phone to your ear and turn off your mobile display, saving your battery charge.

A sensor helps a lot in such things. However, an opportunity to use it in a slightly different way is presented in this website article.

That means you can increase your mobile security with that sensor. That means this article has a chance to lock your phone securely with it. This is a great Play Store Sensor Screen Lock application available to you.

For you: All the highlights about this application are collected and given below with photos, all of them are collected as of the date of publication of this website article, and may change in the future.

Special Note: We periodically select and provide you with such Screen Lock applications through Play Store. All those applications are developed on the recommendation of play store, that’s why it got place on play store.

However, Play Store has the authority to continue providing this service and remove it, please know that it is in the best interest of the users. Let’s scroll down to see information related to Sensor Screen Lock App.

Play Store Details

App Size10MB
RoleScreen Lock, Lock Apps
Nowadays Installs100,000+
Offered ByArgon Dev
Official Website
Contact[email protected]
Application Policy
AddressPiazza Minerva 15 70032 Bitonto (BA) Italy


  • It is strongly recommended that you test before using this app.
  • Just click on the “TEST” button to start a new test.
  • If the screen turns off automatically during the test it means that the sensor is not working properly.
  • In this case, I suggest you uninstall this app.
  • IMPORTANT: Do not cover the proximity sensor during the test.
  • NOTE: The test lasts 5 seconds.

Note: Device administration must be disabled before uninstalling. Just click on the button at the top and select the “Remove active admin” option.

  • This Sensor Screen Lock app allows you to turn the display on or off using the proximity sensor.
  • Just cover the proximity sensor to turn the display on or off.
  • You can manage advanced options for each mode.
  • You can limit the functioning of the service only in particular conditions.
  • NOTE: The proximity sensor usually sits up near the top speaker.


  • Persistent service: Background service
  • AutoStart on boot and after update
  • Ability to set a delay
  • Ability to play a sound
  • Ability to disable the service in landscape mode
  • Ability to enable the service even during a call
  • Ability to enable the service only during a call
  • Ability to enable the service only if the screen is locked
  • No root
  • Easy to use

Main Options:

  • Screen Off
  • Screen Lock
  • Screen On

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Mobile Sensor Screen Lock tnshorts TN Shorts
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Mobile Sensor Screen Lock app TN Shorts
Play Store Images
Mobile Sensor Screen Lock TN Shorts
Play Store Images

How does Sensor Screen Lock work?

This type of application can provide an opportunity to lock your mobile using the mobile sensor, it is very special and has a different mechanism which gives a unique experience.

How to install Sensor Screen Lock?

The best Sensor Screen Lock application can be installed as always by going to the Play Store, the opportunity to go there is a green button on our website article, take advantage of it.

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DISCLAIMER: Do not use this app if the sensor is faulty. I do not take any responsibility for any problems arising from the use of this app.


Let’s discuss this a bit!

It is imperative to protect the mobile because we have started storing important information in the mobile, although there are many ways to protect it, but for those who want to lock the mobile with a special method and a method that no one can guess, our TN shorts website team has chosen this application for you.

We hope you will find it helpful and a different approach. Not only that, but also join our blog group to stay updated with future great articles. Thank you very much for spending your time on our website article.

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