White Star Black Out: Stay Focused

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Sometimes other people want to take our mobile and in such moments there is a chance that important documents in our mobile are in their possession.

There is a possibility of causing a lot of stress due to this matter. To avoid this, we seek help in many applications at many times, but we cannot hide it in our mobile from loved ones, relatives, friends, etc., we have to tell them the password of our mobile, there is a chance to open and see them.

A great play star method to avoid this is suggested to the people in this article, the collected information is also given in this article, read all of them and download them, take advantage of this opportunity to register.

Play Store Details

App Size25MB
RoleBlack Out: Stay Focused
Nowadays Installs100,000+
Offered ByFor Innovation
Official Websitehttps://getblackout.app/
Contact[email protected]
Application PolicyApp Privacy
Address10 Aubrey St, Camp Hill 4152, Queensland, Australia

Black Out: Stay Focused and Block Distractions/Beat Cell Phone Addiction/Mobile Phone Addiction

Stay focused, block distractions, and beat cell phone addiction/mobile phone addiction with BlackOut.

Have you ever felt like you need to take a break from your phone? Or that you suffer from cell phone addiction? Or that you also suffer from ‘screen addiction’? Do you lack the ability to stay focused lately? Or maybe your phone is affecting your sleeping patterns or your job? Maybe quitting cold turkey can be hard too.

While developing/maintaining Detox(another app that helps users stay focused) we got a lot of reviews and emails from users saying they wanted an app where they could specify a time frame in which they would not be able to use their smartphone.

That’s where the idea for Black Out originally came from. The concept is really simple, you just open the app and select a starting time, finishing time, and days of the week then activate the time slot. During the period and days, you select your phone will dissuade you from using it until the time period ends. This will keep repeating everyday (or for the days you selected) until you de-activate it, just like how an alarm works.


  • You can register up to 3 different time frames of up to 4 hours(each) for free.
  • A simple way to help you beat phone addiction or get better sleep.
  • Stay focused and get more done.
  • Stops you from using your phone during a specified time frame.
  • You can select the days that the app will operate too, you could set it to only weekdays if that fits your schedule.
  • Registering multiple time slots is possible(unlimited for premium users)
  • You can make emergency calls
  • Premium users can receive calls easily too
  • Time slots that overlap two days(premium
  • White list functionality(premium)

Recommended For

  • People trying to beat cell phone addiction/screen addiction
  • Students or workers that want to block out distractions
  • People who are snubbing their loved ones
  • People that want to stay focused and need an extra push
  • People who want to reduce their screen time
  • People who feel that have become anti-social because of their smartphone habits
  • Scared people might have nomophobia


  • If you’re new and having issues with BlackOut there are a few things to keep in mind:
  • You need to set the time in 24-hour forma11 pm. 11 pm should be set as 23:00BlackoutOut isn’t always perfectly on time, it can be a couple of minutes late. This is to conserve battery.
  • With this in mind, there is not any point in setting a time slot for only a small period like 3 minutes because there is a chance it won’t activate for such a short period.
  • If you are using a phone that has some kind of battery saver(STAMINA mode etc.) you will need to turn it off for BlackOut to be properly functional.
  • If you are using a phone that has Doze you might need to turn to Doze off for BlackOut. You can do this from your settings app.
  • If your phone has some kind of white list for protected apps(Huawei etc), you will most likely need to add BlackOut to this list.
  • If you’re still having issues feel free to email us at [email protected] for help with troubleshooting.

White Star Black Out Stay Focused

How To Use

Open the app, make sure you accept the required overlay permission
Tap the floating plus icon
Select a start time
Select a finish time
Select the day/s of the week you want the app to operate for (can be every day)
Activate by turning the switch on in the list.
Remember to de-activate if you don’t want the restrictions to keep repeating.

How to download?

The download option is available on play store, our website will show you the way to go there, use it directly to download and use this application home page, recommend it to your friends and give your top opinion with star rating.

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Let’s talk a few words!

If a question is asked that mobile is a thing that needs to be protected then it can be said without hesitation that it is an object that must be protected because man has started storing so much information in mobile.

We are glad to provide you with this article an opportunity to help you keep the information that is stored as such a secret forever. You can also try to refer this to your friends, and they will also benefit from it.

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