Unleash the Ultimate Volume Booster Equalizer App!

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Unleash the Ultimate Volume Booster Equalizer App!
Unleash the Ultimate Volume Booster Equalizer App!

Amplify Your Audio with our Volume Booster Equalizer App!

App Size12MB
RoleVolume Boost
Nowadays Installs10M+
Released onMay 17, 2019
Offered ByMagic Mobile Studio

Extra Volume Booster Equalizer, an easy-to-use volume-booster free + equalizer + bass booster free with cool edge lighting, gives you an immersive opportunity to listen to music of loud volume and high quality on your phone and tablet!

Volume Booster Equalizer App

PublishedGoogle Play Store
Official Websitehttp://magic-mobile-studio.com/
Contact[email protected]
Application Policyhttp://magic-mobile-studio.com/Magic_Mobile_Studio.html


  • Music equalizer with different sound levels and frequencies, treble & bass
  • Sound booster for headphones & external speaker & Bluetooth
  • Stereo surround sound effects
  • 3D Virtualizer effect
  • Boost volume up to MAX 200%
  • Beautiful and simple interface
  • User-friendly operation
  • No root required

Music booster: useful for videos, audiobooks, music, and games.

1) Music equalizer & speaker-booster

Turn on the Music player and play your music or audiobooks
Open the super volume booster and adjust the sound level and frequency as you like.
Adjust the equalizer and bass booster to get a louder-volume.

2) Effect for videos, games, and so on

  • Open the sound amplifier + free equalizer and adjust the sound level and frequency as you like.
  • Let it run in the background.
  • Open the Video player to play your videos or enjoy your games.
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With this magical bass-boost App, you can also hear the passion of the bass volume when you use it as a headphone volume booster.

Are you sure you won’t regret missing this volume amplifier? Download Extra Volume Booster Equalizer and have fun now!

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