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This article is one of the best big volume booster app for those who think that you should listen to the song on mobile.

We have posted a number of applications, all of which will make the job on the mobile phone, and the opportunity to see such special applications, that is, you will have the opportunity to see those articles between these web articles.

However, this is the best big volume booster application and is talented in the Play Store, which is why we have come to recommend you. From there we have been given the information and photos, and you can make a clear decision and use it.

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Play Store Details

App Size19MB
RoleSound Booster
Nowadays Installs1,000,000+
Released onFeb 21, 2022
Offered BySoulApps Studio
Official Website
Contact[email protected]
Application Policy

Big Volume Booster: Sound Booster for Android is waiting for you to try! Don’t feel low, because you can boost volume up to 200% of the default sound, no matter if you’re using the phone speaker, Bluetooth devices, or headphones. Just one swipe and you can get extra louder volume at once!

Are you tired of listening to music at low volumes? Do you seek ways to enhance the sound when you watch videos or play games? Wanna try controlling the DJ mixer with vibration effects? This Volume Booster – Sound Booster is exactly what you’re looking for!

Main features:

  • Super volume booster-free and bass booster free
  • Boost volume up to 200%
  • Built-in equalizer and bass-booster
  • 3D surround sound effects
  • Easy to use with a beautiful interface
  • Vibration setting
  • Colorful themes to choose
  • Music booster and media booster
  • Music equalizer free
  • Audio enhancer
  • Headphone volume booster
  • Run in the background
  • Use the floating window to manage volume control

How to use:

  1. Music booster & Audio booster.
  2. Open the volume booster, and choose a music player to play your favorite.
  3. songs, and then slightly give it a swipe to amplify the soundbox.

Media booster & Speaker booster:

Open the sound booster max volume, swipe the button to the level you want, let the APP run in the background, and switch to another media, such as games, videos, audiobooks, etc., so you can hear the enhanced sound without losing quality.

Besides using it as a sound amplifier and free equalizer for treble and bass, you can also change the themes as you want and make your volume booster much more unique.

Please be reminded that listening to loud music for a long time may hurt our hearing, so we suggest adjusting the sound level from time to time to protect our ears.

We’d love to hear what you want to see more in our Big Volume Booster – Sound Booster, so if you have any advice or questions, we’re always happy to receive them.

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How to install this?

Best Volume Booster App

This application is located in the home area, which is available in the Play Store, where the way to install this BIG Volume Booster Application is available in our website article.

How does the Big Volume Booster work?

This Volume Booster Application will make the volume on your mobile volume 200 times. You can listen to some songs patiently while hearing some songs loudly, you will have a tastier experience, and in such moments.

Big Volume Booster - Sound Booster
SOUND SpeakerVolume Booster
Sound SpeakerHigh Speaker

Let’s talk about Big Volume Booster App!

Often when we travel to a bus or when we stand in the loudest place, we can hear the song on our mobile, the other noise can be disturbed on our mobile.

Especially when you hear some songs loudly, you will have a more tasty experience, even the more money that gives us the most money-making mobile, and when you need the best app to use the volume, everything will help you with such an application, while our team is the best application after a high search. We have discovered.

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