Super SOUND Speaker Beautifier – Equalizer

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What makes the experience of listening to songs on our mobile phones that we spend a lot of money on is its SOUND Speaker, we would like to listen to some songs at a very high volume.

We tend to listen to some songs at a lower volume, and when we want to listen to a song at a higher volume, our minds are more upset if our mobile phone does not support it.

There is an opportunity in this article to change this matter and get more volume in any kind of mobile, with this article you can get 200 times more volume than your normal mobile.

Here is a great SOUND Speaker Beautifier application for you from this play store, the application found through that play store and the main features taken from there.

Note: This includes creator’s comments and photos, please see clearly and enjoy. Also keep in mind that Google Play Store has the authority to continue using it and rejecting it.

Play Store Details Of Sound Speaker Beautifier App

App Size6MB
RoleSound Speaker
Nowadays Installs1,000,000+
Offered BySwiss Selection
Official Website
Contact[email protected]
Application Policy
AddressCompletion, Rue Antoine-Carteret 22, 1202 Geneva, Switzerland

YES this is the NEW app you were looking for It sounds like NO other!

  • It’s not just an equalizer, a regular bass booster, or a low-volume amplifier.
  • It makes the bass bounce like no other app for Android.
  • This is what you need if you crave those punchy low ends, with kicks and snares that pop.
  • It makes the music sound more beautiful and EXCITING.
  • This is what you need if you love having those goosebumps and chills when you listen to emotional or energetic songs.
  • It has many different facets and mixes them in the most user-friendly way. It allows you to control how your speakers or headphones sound and deliver your favorite songs.


  • It’s not really an equalizer audio effect actually: it’s better.
  • It changes the audio frequency dynamics.


  • You clearly get more bass but without undermining other frequencies and ending with a frustrating heavy or hollow muffled sound.
  • You get that subwoofer effect even with lighter gears, thanks to the deep boosted bass.
  • You can really bring the bass to the front, make it sound big, punchy, and bouncy.
  • You will feel the bass in your chest.
  • All of that without degrading the stereo image.


  1. It allows getting a louder sound level without compromising the clarity with excessive distortion.
  2. Fix problems of too low volume on your smartphone’s built-in speakers.
  3. Increase the volume for any situation: outdoors, in your car, at home, in parties, in dancing parties, in your dance school or dance studio, in nightclubs, in bars, etc.
  4. We are confident you won’t find a better sound booster sound-quality-wise.


  • It’s the only Music Beautifier on the market right now, the original one.
  • Get clearer and more natural vocals or speech by exciting the voice.
  • Make singers more present and feel like they are really with you.
  • Enhance the beauty and the energy of the music with the app’s audio exciter abilities.
  • Subtly reveal more of the reverb already mixed within the song; sublime it.
  • Remove that veil on the sound preventing you from hearing every instrument more clearly.
  • Improve sound quality.


  • You can solve problems of bad Bluetooth sound quality on your smartphone or tablet.
  • It is compatible with external loudspeakers, Bluetooth speaker but also headphones and earbuds.
  • The difference can even be noticed on your smartphone’s built-in speakers, especially when attempting to make the sound louder.
  • The audio quality will even be better with noise-canceling gears.


  1. You have here a professional-grade sound effect made using years of experience in audio engineering.
  2. Whether you are someone who just can’t live without music, a professional DJ, part of a music band, etc. this app is your new tool for experiencing music like you never have.
  3. It beautifies all genres of music: hip-hop, rap music, electro, dance, pop, RnB, Salsa, classical, etc.
  4. And it’s compatible with any music player and video player on your device: Youtube, Youtube Music, Spotify, Google Music, Soundcloud, Deezer, TikTok, Snapchat, and any other of your favorite media players, streaming and social media apps.

Key Features

  • Only very usable stock EQ presets: no gimmicks
  • Save your own presets too
  • Very stable: no regular random shutdowns
  • Switch between presets from the notification while watching video
  • Share your custom presets with your friends and family
  • Import presets from shared-links
  • Automatic volume limitation for ears protection
  • Immersive 3D surround stereo virtualizer effect
  • Legacy mode for older Android™ devices

SOUND Speaker Beautifier
Play Store Images
SOUND Speaker Beautifier
Play Store Images
SOUND Speaker Beautifier
Play Store Images
SOUND Speaker Beautifier
Play Store Images
SOUND Speaker Beautifier
Play Store Images
SOUND Speaker Beautifier
Play Store Images

How Does Speaker Beautifier Work?

Once you install this application your mobile will become a SOUND speaker and you can enjoy 200 times your listening experience whenever you need it.

This This This How to download?

The option to install is available on the Play Store, you get the option to go there, it comes with you while traveling, and you can download Sound Speaker Beautifier and use it directly.

SOUND Speaker Beautifier
SOUND Speaker Beautifier

Let’s talk about it!

We also use mobile to listen to songs, we used to carry Walkman to all the places we go, and through that Walkman we listen to the song, now we already understand the volume poster application to increase the feeling while listening to the song through mobile.

That’s what we found when trying to recommend the best similar application of all, with which you can get even better volume.

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